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From: Cromwell Enage (sponage_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-12-28 10:04:43

Issues addressed:

* All metafunctions that can be instantiated in user
code have been registered with Boost.Typeof (see
typeof.cpp for a test case). Registration of each
metafunction occurs at the end of the header file in
which the metafunction is declared, as per the "don't
pay for what you don't use" policy.

defined in
<boost/mpl/aux_/typeof/register_type_c.hpp>, enables
one to register metafunctions that have the following

template <
    typename ValueType
  , ValueType N1
  , ValueType N2
  , ...
struct metafunction

This macro is currently used to register rational_c,
mixed_number_c, and complex_number_c; it is hoped that
vector_c, list_c, range_c, and integral_c will also be
registered by it. (The _C suffix indicates that the
macro is to be used to register types ending in _c.)

* I also suspect that the recent problem with
double_::aux::get_value() is one of endianness.
Unfortunately I don't know which combination of macros
will detect Solaris. Therefore,
<boost/mpl/aux_/config/endian.hpp>, is currently set
to zero. (Double-check me if I named it correctly.)

* In case no one has noticed--and judging from the
contents of, this seems to be the
case--there is now a math::inverse metafunction, so
you don't need to roll your own reciprocal<>.

                              Cromwell D. Enage

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