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From: Victor A. Wagner Jr. (vawjr_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-01-14 23:13:43

At 20:37 2006-01-14, Arkadiy Vertleyb wrote:
>"Andy Little" <andy_at_[hidden]> wrote
> > I always understood typeof useage to be
> > quite heavyweight, so I was quite worried about the large number of types
> > automatically registered in last version of boost::mpl::math library.
>Well, when the types are registered, the specializations are created by
>preprocessor, and so, theoretically, it may consume some noticable time.
>However, I don't believe it should be a problem...
>When a type is actually being deduced, there are two parts that consume
>compile time:
>1) The type needs to be encoded and decoded. The time necessary for this
>operation is linearly proportional to the complexity of the type (the size
>of encoding vector). The factor is about 10 template instantiations per
>node (or something like this -- I estimated this in the past, and things
>changed since then).
>2) The expression needs to be passed to the template function so that the
>compiler deduce the type. This is done BOOST_TYPEOF_LIMIT_SIZE times per
>BOOST_TYPEOF invocation.
>Of these two, the first one is most significant. On my 1.5 GHz PC, with
>BOOST_TYPEOF_LIMIT_SIZE=50, vc71 can compile 10 BOOST_TYPEOF's of
>fundamental types in under one second. However, it may take about 2 sec to
>compile BOOST_TYPEOF of one more complicated, e.g., Spirit expression of
>about 45 nodes.
>The inclusion of typeof.hpp takes 2 to 3 seconds. The time is spent
>registering fundamental types, pointers, functions, etc.
> > Bearing in mind that I have been getting a compiler out of keys error
> > recently in even small tests, which as you will understand basically
>renders my
> > library a useless resource hog, I am now trying to be extremely careful to
> > as little unnecessary clutter in headers as possible. That includes not
> > to register unneccesary types with Typeof if at all possible.
>You may want to consider the strategy we used with the STL types -- for each
>STL header we defined a corresponding typeof header which included the STL
>header and registered the types.
>Then, depending on whether the typeof functionality is needed, the user can
>do either:
>#include <vector>
>#include <boost/typeof/std/vector.hpp>

if its name were vector instead of vector.hpp I could switch between
them simply by telling my compiler to look in boost/typeof/std before
the standard locatons for includes.

btw, shouldn't that be
#include "boost/typeof/std/vector.hpp"

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