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From: Timo Geusch (timo_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-01-15 11:38:40

Bjørn_Roald wrote:
> On Sunday 15 January 2006 10:02, Timo Geusch wrote:
>> I've finally managed to get myself a decent spec SUN workstation and
>> thanks to SUN now providing SunStudio 11 for the cost of a download, the
>> latest compiler as well.
> Is this a download available to the public?
Yes, I'm pretty sure it is - same page as the Solaris 10 download. You
have to be registered with SUN but that shouldn't cost you anything.
> By the way do you run a x86 based or SPARC based work station? I belive
> Sun claim source compatibility on Solaris10 but it would be nice to know what
> you are working on.
It's a reasonably recent SPARC (a Blade 1000 for those who want to know).
>> Just got the whole shebang installed and attempted to compile boost
>> without any configuration apart from adding the compiler to my path. The
>> result looks pretty good so far - there are still a couple of
>> compilation issues (most seem to be centred around
>> type_traits/is_enum.hpp) and several link failures. I'll be looking into
>> these hopefully over the next couple of weeks. So far, the overall
>> results look a lot better compared to Studio 8 - after a build of the
>> 'state' target with the basic sunpro tool set and absolutely no changes
>> to the existing 1.33.1 configuration, bjam reports the following:
> Hmmm - are there work-arounds for known compiler bugs activated in boost
> config when you set sunpro? If there are, they may be worth looking into.
There shouldn't be any activated at the moment. The compiler identifies
itself as 5.8 and the last set of config information in in sunpro_cc.hpp
is for version 5.7.

>> ...failed updating 360 targets...
>> ...skipped 192 targets...
>> ...updated 877 targets...
> the numbers seem to be low to me, I get more than 9000 targets for all of
> boost. Do you try with all of boost or only parts?
I'm trying the basic bjam "-sTOOLS=sunpro" stage at this point. I don't
have Python on this box yet so I won't be able to build the Python stuff
initially but I'll sort this out when I'll get around to it.


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