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From: Beman Dawes (bdawes_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-04-09 15:48:53

The C++ Standards Committee met last week in Berlin, Germany. Of interest to

* All of TR1 except special functions has been voted into C++0x, the next
standard. Special functions were supported by the Library Working Group
(LWG), including vendors such as Dinkumware, but they didn't fly in full
committee. Compiler vendors indicate great worry about support costs. This
vote isn't necessarily the end of the story since support for special
functions was strong, although not quite enough to achieve the consensus
needed. (The committee will only go ahead if there is consensus - a simple
majority isn't good enough.)

* Boost Filesystem was voted into TR2.

* Boost Lexical Cast has been tentatively accepted by the LWG for TR2.

* Boost Any has been tentatively accepted by the LWG for TR2.

* A Boost Date-Time query was presented at the last meeting, and LWG members
again in Berlin indicated interest in seeing a full proposal for TR2.

* A Boost Networking [asio] query was presented, and the LWG has indicated
their interest in a full proposal for TR2. The developer of a competing
proposal has graciously thrown his support behind the Boost proposal, and
may propose some additional higher level functionality.

* Boost Threads has been reaffirmed as the LWG's choice as the basis for a
TR2 threading library. Pete Becker's is the most
recent version of the proposal. It will be refined and modified as work
progresses. Howard Hinnant plans to propose unifying the lock classes into
scoped_lock/shared_lock and possibly one other class. Pete will propose a
function to access the underlying operating system handles to allow access
to non-portable functionality. I've committed to review error handling to
ensure handling of operating system errors is consistent between all TR2

* It looks more and more likely that Concepts will go into C++0x. If
Concepts do go into the core language, the LWG has indicated their intent to
percolate Concepts throughout the Standard Library. (Concepts were being
held up by two competing proposals, but those two proposals are in process
of being coalesced into a single proposal by Bjarne Stroustrup and Doug

The next committee meetings are:

     October, 2006, Portland, Oregon. See
     Spring, 2007, Oxford, England.
     Fall, 2007, Kona, Hawaii

This coming October is the deadline for TR2 proposals. See


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