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From: Matias Capeletto (matias.capeletto_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-04-28 22:54:31

Hi, all, especially Joaquin...

I am planning to submit an application to SoC. I will love to make real
the specialized containers you mention and try to include some useful others.
I want to get involved in this project as a way to learn a lot and get
close to boost.
I already been active in some discussion here and I like it very much.
I live in Argentina, so we can communicate in spanish if you wish too :)
This is my last year in electronic engineering, in my university you
are allowed to
choose the course of your study... I am specialized in signal
processing, algorithms
and data structure and math. I am that kind of electronic guy that was
seeking to
reach the bottom of the silice and when finally get there, realized
that he likes a little
more abstraction and get back to programming. I love the math that supports
electronics (Fourier, theory of operators, functional analysis), the
view, etc... but give me a language like C++ to tell the machine what
I want to do.
Is the list the place to talk this about of?
I'm sending some comments on the requirements...

> Requirements
> * Intermediate-to-high level in C++, with emphasis in generic
> programming (templates).

high level in C++, love the language, love the standard that is behind it, love
the way boost is trying to enhance it.

> * Knowledge of the STL framework and design principles. Of course, knowledge
> of Boost in general and Boost.MultiIndex in particular is a big plus.

I have read a lot and thought a lot about the stl. I am very familiar
to the framework.
The last 6 months I spend several hours reading boost documentation, because I
was fascinating by the clean design and power of each library. After
reading the
kind of discussion in this list (I have read every mail sent to the
list from two weeks
ago) I'm starting to understand why this is possible... B.MI was one
of my favorites.

> * Acquaintaince with at least two different C++ programming evironments.

I usual program in VS2005, but I have a Linux system with g++ to test
my designs.

> * Some fluency in the English language; subsequent reviews of the documentation
> can help smooth rough edges here, though.

No problems here (I think, maybe my English is not good enough)

> * A mathematical inclination and previous exposure to a formal Algorithms course
> would help very much.

Love math, love algorithms. I have taken several courses in algorithm
and theory
of algorithms.

> * A craving for extreme quality work.

I'm a lit bit obsessive about quality. :)

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