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From: Paul A Bristow (pbristow_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-05-03 04:13:30

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| Could we consider removing the word "serialization" from
| this subject here? This is really about rendering floating
| point numbers between binary and decimal representations.

OK - we are veering OT - but it started with a serialization problem and I
thought a new item would confuse the thread. I think we have reached the
end of the road and await the next Microsoft release. I will start of new
thread if I have anything more to report.

Meanwhile, if you want to serialize doubles on MSVC, I suggest considering
using << setprecision(17) << scientific.
| Also, a real contribution could be made to address the
| variety of NaN's and how they should be rendered in
| different systems. This is currently undefined and will
| create problems porting data between programs compiled with
| diferent compilers and/or libraries.

Jeff Garland made a suggestion:

"The types in date_time have the ability to serialize and deserialize NADT
(not a date time), -infinity and +infinity. Why couldn't there be a simple
extension to the numpunct<charT> facet to define an appropriate output
string? Basically something like:

  //see Langer and Kreft p 414...
  template<class charT>
  class numpunct : public locale::facet {
    //new functions for nan and infinity
    string_type not_a_number_name() const;
    string_type infinity_name() const;

And you'd have to fix num_get as well."

but it's not something I have time or skill or inclination to tackle. SoC?

Or switch at least NaNs and Infs to a hex format as sketched by John

Or get WG21 to agree a Standard representation for NaNs and Infs instead of
everyone doing their own thing?


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