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From: Eric Friedman (ebf_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-06-04 19:35:21


I haven't looked at the implementation, but I did look through the
documentation and caught up with this conversation thread today. For the
most part, I like the new iteration quite a bit. Two comments:

First, the new names are a lot better than the old bin/bun names. But I
think the aligned types could use spelling out, i.e., aligned_big2_t
instead of abig2_t. Unlike unsigned types, where it is standard to
abbreviate them to names like uint, aligned types are not so common.

Second, when I first read the docs I objected to the arithmetic
operations. Then I read the following statement you made on June 2nd:

    Let's say you have to increment a variable in a record. It
    is very convenient to be able to write:

    Rather than:

     int temp(;
     ++temp; = temp;

    Now I know that automatic conversions in some "placeholder"
    style endian classes make them pretty convenient, but there
    is no additional cost to providing the arithmetic operations.
    If you don't need/want/like them, don't use them."

This argument convinced me. I think this, or something like it, should
appear in the docs instead of the more hand-wavy "Providing a full set
of operations reduces program clutter and makes code both easier to
write and to read."


Beman Dawes wrote:
> A refresh of the .zip file for the Endian library, based on comments
> received so far, is available at
> The docs are online at
> Changes include:
> * Templates are exposed.
> * The four outermost templates have been folded into a single endian
> class template.
> * The integer_cover_operators class template has been moved into a
> separate header file, boost/integer_cover_operators.hpp. No docs yet,
> but functionality is pretty obvious from the header.
> * Provision has been made for native endianness. Not implemented yet.
> * More explicit names have been given to the forty-four typedefs. A
> careful explanation of the naming rationale has been added to the docs.
> * The docs have been expanded.
> * The example program has been rewritten and is much more realistic.
> * I haven't looked at Scott McMurray's exact.hpp header yet, so that may
> kick off yet more changes to come.
> --Beman
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