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From: Ion Gaztañaga (igaztanaga_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-06-11 04:57:27

> I think you should separate the two things. Get the required changes in
> and make the initial version of the library available, then work on new
> features.

Right. But I should state that changes in Shmem/Interprocess are quite
problematic since binary compatibility is required in all the classes
placed in shared memory/memory mapped files (mutex, condition,
containers, allocators, rw_locks...). That means that a change in those
classes (for example, adding a more efficient version of a
synchronization object) will mean that the user must recompile all the
processes using Shmem/Interprocess. So I would like to minimize breaking
changes, so the first official Interprocess should be pretty stable.

> As soon as you upload and register into the regression system you will
> get to see how it works on a variety of platforms (well, at least after
> 1.34 ships you will). Folks interested in a particular
> compiler/platform may start looking at it an helping you port. And
> beyond the formal regression tests, others of us regularly update,
> rebuild, and run regression tests. I don't tend to mess with anything
> in the sandbox unless I really, really want to use it for something (in
> fact we really need to clean the old stuff out). Most new Boost
> developers don't realize that the process of getting in CVS and the
> regression test system will take a couple months...

All right. I will request write access in CVS and I will start learning
the regression system.

> I just worry about you falling into the circular_buffer trap. A
> perfectly usable and accepted library that 2 years later because of some
> issues the author doesn't now have time to address. It's a loss to the
> community and a shame. I don't have an immediate need for
> inter-process, but there's alot of concurrency/multi-process code in
> progress in Boost for SOC and otherwise. Interprocess is a piece of that
> puzzle -- so I'd like to see more eyes and testing on it sooner rather
> than later. Getting it into CVS accomplishes the first step.



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