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From: Jeff Garland (jeff_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-07-02 14:15:35

Hi Sean --

A couple thoughts and pointers below:

Sean Parent wrote:
> I _really_ wish that I had enough time/resources on my team to take
> some parts of ASL and contribute them to Boost. However, my teams
> focus currently needs to stay on the higher level libraries (which I
> don't think are ready for Boost yet) and we simply can't afford the
> time to go through the submission process.
> But I'm 100% supportive of Lubomir's contribution of GIL (Lubomir is
> not on my team, and I'm thrilled that he can take the time for this
> submission to Boost - just I'm I'm thrilled that we were able to
> release it as part of ASL). GIL is a very significant piece of work.

I'll just say a public thanks to yourself, Adobe, and the folks behind ASL for
dipping their toe in the open source water. I think it will take several
years to see the full effect, but it's very exciting to me to see you guys
getting a chance to bring these ideas out into the world.

> I will also support anyone who would like to borrow portions of ASL
> to contribute them to Boost.

This is really great -- it seems there is much common activity with other
things happening in Boost (see below).

> Some libraries that I think would be interesting to get into Boost
> with some comments about what I see as still needing to be done.
> Forest <>
> .....

We have an active SOC project to build a generic tree...

> Range Based Algorithms (using the boost range library) <http://

Eric Niebler has written some range algorithms in the vault -- be nice to see
if he's covered all the ones you'all have:

> ZUIDs <>

Hmm, I guess I would think zuid should be its own little library. There is
already a GUID in the vault which again might benefit from collaboration here: --

> md5 and SHA code
> <>
> <>
> Review and a short tutorial

I wonder if these would be logical additions to boost.hash which is new in 1.34?

> ONCE <>
> ThreadID <>
> Another good addition to Boost threads.

I don't know if we've really found an active maintainer for
Boost.Threads....library abandonment is starting to become a much bigger issue
for Boost as time goes on :-(

> Final <>
> I don't use inheritance much but this would be a nice addition to
> Boost utilities.


> Counter <>
> If boost would surface the lightweight mutex used in shared_ptr -
> this would go away.

I'll let Peter take this one...

> value_t <>

Agree, we'll have to push Kevlin to be more active ;-)

> regular_object <
> classadobe_1_1regular__object.html>
> This is a generalization of value_t (and boost any) - the idea is to
> be able to parameters an "any" object by concept. Mat Marcus has been
> doing a fair amount of work with this library. Needs better docs and
> tutorial.

Interesting. Don't know of any current Boost work here.

> dictionary_t, array_t, name_t <
> group__asl__tutorials__dictionary__t.html>

Don't know of any current Boost work here.

> Copy-On-Write <
> classadobe_1_1copy__on__write.html>

I guess the ever-languishing policy_pointer is the closest Boost work.

> XML Parser <
> classadobe_1_1xml__parser__t.html>

There is a Boost xml, but I haven't seen much Boost activity here. Property
tree does some too, but full XML support is hard enough that it will be hard
to do in Boost.

> Wow - that's not a complete list (much longer than I set out to write
> - I forget how large of a library we've created!). If you're not
> aware of ASL - it's all released under the MIT license (making it
> fairly straight forward to get through a code audit). I'd be happy to
> help out anyone who has the time to prepare some of these libraries
> (or any other library from ASL) for inclusion in Boost - ASL would
> also benefit from such an effort.

Hopefully people will make you very busy :-)


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