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From: Shunsuke Sogame (mb2act_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-07-20 11:32:25

Alexander A Potocki wrote:
> Shunsuke Sogame wrote:
>> Your code looks similar to Boost.Serialization Data Flow.
> Yes, something is similar. As Dataflow as my library provide the set of
> basic transformation primitives and give possibility to compose them to
> create a complex compound converter.
> But there are several distinctions.
> 1 Create and instantiation of conversion entity in my library takes place in
> the same time. Dataflow at first create compound iterator type and then
> instantiate it. Such instantiation is simple and not clear.
> 2 My library provides as input as output conversion iterators, but Dataflow,
> it seems, provides only input iterator. Taking in mind "outputness" or
> "inputness" of iterator I distinguish transformation algorithms for
> concrete conversion. For output iterator it's one, for input iterator it's
> slightly (or not slightly) other.
> 3. Shifting operation is not clear at all in Dataflow.
>> But, we have now Boost.Range.
>> Assume 'range_copy(rng,it)' just calls
>> 'std::copy(boost::begin(rng),boost::end(rng),it)'.
>> range_copy(make_u32_to_u8_iterator_range(src), it);
>> There is no typedef's.
>> You can look into <boost/regex/pending/unicode_iterator.hpp>, which
>> shows such implementations.
> It's not clear for me. range_copy is a good method, but
> make_XXX_to_YYY_iterator_range will be implemented using the same typedefs.
> And what is more how many make_ZZZ functions will be provided? I guess there
> are very many combinations of possible XXX and YYY.

Sorry, I maybe overlooked what you made.
Trotter already(almost?) seems to achieve what I meant.
If I borrow the range-adaptors syntax from ,
Trotter might be written as:

         utf16string|trotter_coded(cvt::utf16() >> cvt::utf8()),

Actually I tried to write such a wrapper for trotter.
(But I failed. I have to look into trotter more. :-)

Shunsuke Sogame

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