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From: Oleg Abrosimov (beholder_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-08-04 23:32:00

Emil Dotchevski wrote:
> I've also received feedback that boost::exception_info would be used fairly
> often and needs a shorter name. Maybe boost::xinfo? I hope someone comes up
> with a better name.

boost::exception_info is just perfect. write once - read many.
long and descriptive name is much better from a long-time perspective.

one idea to slightly reduce syntactic overhead:
provide a way to replace:
             throw fopen_error() <<
                 boost::exception_info<tag_errno>(errno) <<
                 boost::exception_info<tag_file_name>(name) <<
                 boost::exception_info<tag_open_mode>(mode) <<
             throw fopen_error() <<
                 boost::exception_info<tag_errno, tag_file_name,
tag_open_mode, tag_function>(errno, name, mode, "fopen");

but it has a drawback that one can easily permutate variables and
compiler would not catch it in some cases.

something like
throw fopen_error() <<
     boost::exception_info(tag_errno(), errno)
                          (tag_file_name(), name)
                          (tag_open_mode(), mode)
                          (tag_function(), "fopen");

would be better.

Oleg Abrosimov.

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