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From: Martin Bonner (martin.bonner_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-08-22 15:40:50


Martin Bonner
Pi Technology, Milton Hall, Ely Road,
Milton, Cambridge, CB4 6WZ
+44 1223 203894
From: boost-bounces_at_[hidden] on behalf of Yitzhak Sapir
Looking at the invalid set of characters in your [Bronek Kozicki's] URL
 -- "< > : " / \ |" it becomes quite clear that the
logic behind these is that they are reserved tokens in the command shell. 
But, in fact, so is "question mark" or "asterisk."  
a) ':', '/', and '\' are seperators in a path (nothing to do with the command shell).
b) ? and * are /not/ reserved tokens in the command shell.  It is a continuing pain to Windows command line tools authors that the command shell does not expand wildcards - that has to be done by each individual tool.  Similary tokenizing arguments is not done by the command shell, but by each tool - and to make that even mildly possible, forbidding " in filenames makes that a lot easier.
I don't see the logic behind >, <, and |, but I wouldn't assume it is the command shell that forces that.

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