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From: Jeff Garland (jeff_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-08-24 10:47:41

Don't want this to go unanswered...we can always use a new pair of hands :-)

Jeremy Pack wrote:
> I've used Boost for a little while in image processing research, and found
> it to be quite useful. Though the image processing algorithms I've used are
> probably too specialized for Boost,

Perhaps, although GIL is proposing to add some of these to Boost:

> I've created a couple of libraries to
> aid in the development of this software that I realized might work as part
> of Boost. Could I get some thoughts?


> One library is used for handling linked libraries. It basically makes it
> possible to extend an application's functionality by adding new linked
> libraries without recompiling the application itself. It eases the creation
> of plug-ins, in what is a relatively object-oriented fashion. (inheritance,
> virtual functions etc.)

I think there's no doubt that this is a useful functionality. There has been
some discussion of this in the form of Boost.Plugin. There is some code in
the sandbox, although I'm having trouble navigating to it right at the moment:

> The other library is used as a repository for variables of any type. It
> includes the following (each of the following is optional for each value):
> - callbacks when a data value is updated (methods or functions) (not using
> boost::signals, but it probably could)
> - checks that a data value is consistent (i.e. within the correct range)
> when it is updated
> - mutexes for data access
> - useable (though not yet completed) in a distributed environment

Not aware of anything like this, but not sure I'm getting it...maybe an
example would help?

> If there is anything like either of these already in development, I would be
> interested on working on them. If not, I could work on rewriting them to be
> considered for inclusion, if there is interest.
> Also, if there are any projects that could use some help, I have some
> experience in the following areas:
> 3D graphics

Not much activity here...

> Graphical user interfaces

This one is a tough nut. There has been discussion, but it's such a big
project that there really needs to be a group of people that attack it. We
haven't found a motivated group yet.

> Numerical algorithms

Big one that I know of:

> Distributed systems
> Parallel algorithms

I'm surely missing many...

Anyway, there's certainly a many ways to contribute. Some as simple as
picking a library of interest and providing feedback on the design, trying it
out, porting it to a platform.



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