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From: Johan Råde (rade_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-10-05 07:42:33

I have put together optimized implementations
of the following functions:

   template<class T> int fpclassify(T x);
   template<class T> bool isfinite(T x);
   template<class T> bool isinf(T x);
   template<class T> bool isnan(T x);
   template<class T> bool isnormal(T x);
   template<class T> bool signbit(T x);
   template<class T> T copysign(T x, T y);
   template<class T> T changesign(T x);

Here T is required to be float, double or long double.


The code has been tested with

Windows / VC7.1 / i386
Mac / GCC 4.0 / powerpc
Linux / GCC 3.3 / i386, amd64, ia64, powerpc, mips, hppa

The code should work with most platforms
that support the IEEE754 standard.


Many of these functions have also been
implemented by John Maddock.
The difference is that my implementation
is optimized for speed.

Here are some timing numbers on VC 7.1:

   float Råde Maddock Native

   fpclassify 8 57 -
   isfinite 5 57 -
   isnormal 6 59 -
   isinf 5 57 -
   isnan 6 57 -

   double Råde Maddock Native

   fpclassify 13 52 29
   isfinite 11 56 17
   isnormal 14 56 -
   isinf 10 52 -
   isnan 4 52 19

The times are in clock cycles for a single call,
based on an average of 10,000,000 calls
with random input.


The code is available in the vault,
at "Home/Math - Numerics/".

Many thanks to Håkan Ardö who tested the code on Linux
and Olivier Verdie who tested the code on Mac.

--Johan Råde

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