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From: Alexander Nasonov (alnsn_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-12-07 16:16:39

When I run a second instance of multicast/receiver on FreeBSD 6.2-PRERELEASE
I get ENOMEM thrown from socket_.bind.

I set a conditional breakpoint on return from error_wrapper and I see
that errno is 48 (EADDRINUSE).

(gdb) run
The program being debugged has been started already.
Start it from the beginning? (y or n) y

Starting program:
warning: Unable to get location for thread creation breakpoint: generic
[New LWP 100051]
[New Thread 0x8064000 (LWP 100051)]
[Switching to Thread 0x8064000 (LWP 100051)]
Breakpoint 5, boost::asio::detail::socket_ops::error_wrapper<int> (
    return_value=-1, ec=@0xbfbfe140) at socket_ops.hpp:59
59 return return_value;
(gdb) print errno
$11 = 48
(gdb) bt
#0 boost::asio::detail::socket_ops::error_wrapper<int>
    ec=@0xbfbfe140) at socket_ops.hpp:59
#1 0x0804df84 in boost::asio::detail::socket_ops::bind (s=5,
    addrlen=16, ec=@0xbfbfe140) at socket_ops.hpp:90
#2 0x0804df41 in
udp, boost::asio::detail::select_reactor<false> >::bind (this=0x805b0e0,
    impl=@0xbfbfe2a4, endpoint=@0xbfbfe1a0, ec=@0xbfbfe140)
    at reactive_socket_service.hpp:240
#3 0x0804cd7e in
nd (this=0x805b0c0, impl=@0xbfbfe2a4, endpoint=@0xbfbfe1a0,
    at datagram_socket_service.hpp:145
#4 0x0804c2cd in boost::asio::basic_socket<boost::asio::ip::udp,
atagram_socket_service<boost::asio::ip::udp> >::bind (this=0xbfbfe2a0,
    endpoint=@0xbfbfe1a0) at basic_socket.hpp:332
#5 0x0804a5fc in receiver (this=0xbfbfe2a0, io_service=@0xbfbfe730,
    listen_address=@0xbfbfe260, multicast_address=@0xbfbfe280)
    at receiver.cpp:31
#6 0x08049e44 in main (argc=3, argv=0xbfbfe7a8) at receiver.cpp:84

Alexander Nasonov

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