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From: Beman Dawes (bdawes_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-12-15 12:22:54

Glenn Schrader wrote:
> Beman Dawes wrote:
>> Glenn Schrader wrote:
>>> I had a problem compiling boost on a sparc solaris 2.8 platform. After a
>>> bit of digging the change below (notice the end of the #if). The code in
>>> the #else calls strerror_r but solaris doesn't have it.
>> Hum... See
>> It looks like Solaris 10 at least does have strerror_r.
>> Are you really using 2.8? How old is that?
> Older than I would like but I don't have a choice. We use some VME based
> real-time systems that have a sparc based SBC running solaris 2.8. There
> are driver compatibility issues for 3rd party boards that make us stick
> with this configuration.

Makes sense.

>> Could the problem really be that error_code.cpp is including <cstring>,
>> but really needs to include <string.h>?
> No, its not in string.h either. Just to double check; I couldn't find
> strerror_r by grepping all of the headers under /etc. There is also no
> man page for strerror_r.

That gibes with James Dennett's report that it doesn't appear until
Solaris 10.

>> Given that Sun does support strerror_r on some versions, I'd like to
>> only fallback to strerror when absolutely necessary
> That makes sense. I listed the macros that gcc was predefining using
> 'cpp -dM /dev/null' and there doesn't seem to be a macro containing the
> solaris version. I haven't looked at bjam very much but could it run
> some autoconf-like test cases to determine the correct function and
> headers to use?

Boost.Config may be able to help, but first, what value is __SUNPRO_CC
set to in your environment? And do you know if string.h comes with the
operating system or the compiler? It would be misleading to base choice
on a compiler macro if in fact the header involved ships with the OS. Do
you know if there is a way to discover the version of the operating
system on Solaris?





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