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From: Robert Ramey (ramey_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-05-04 01:32:52

Gennadiy Rozental wrote:
> Hi,
> I do plan to attend this session. I've got some ideas on the subject.
> I pitched them while ago once. And I still believe that the
> synchronization is the root of all evils. The only real solution to
> break this deadloop is independent libraries versioning. This should
> resolve both out release and testing issues (which are closely
> connected IMO)

This is on the right track - but seems way too complicated.

Here is what I plan to do from now on:

a) I will load the latest released Boost on my machine.
b) I will make a (CVS or SVN or what ever) tree on my machine
which includes only the serialization library files.
c) I will tweak the build process so it will look into my serialization
library tree before it looks in to the the latest Boost Official release.
d) I will make changes in my tree as is convenient. I will test against
on my local system against latest boost release.
e) When it passes all my tests on the compilers I have. I will do the
    i) check in my changes into whatever tree boost decides it wants to
   ii) zip up the files which are different from the last boost release and
   upload the ziped file to a place on my website. The website will
   contain instructions on how to set up one's include paths so that
   the latest validated serialization library can be used.
   iii) version number isn't critical for me. Easiest would be the date
  of the upload. Serialization library would be "validated against the
  latest released version of boost"
f) I will include better and more complete instructions for
users to test the library on their own systems. Any users who want
help with compilers I haven't tested will have to run complete
test suite and report the results.

This has the following features from my perspective:

a) I believe this system in no way conflicts with any of the proposals that
have been suggested.
b) Its much less work for me to deal with.
c) It will permit users to benefit from bug fixes and enancements MUCH

In conjunction with this, I will reduce the default set of tests run by the
boost testers. I'm sure this will be greeted with much relief as the
serialization library consumes testing time way out of proportion
to the importance of the library and the value they bring me as
a developer.

Robert Ramey

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