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From: David Abrahams (dave_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-05-12 12:01:12

on Sat May 12 2007, David Abrahams <> wrote:

> on Fri May 11 2007, Jason Stewart <> wrote:
>> Thomas Witt wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> 1.34.0 release candidate 3 is now available from:
>>> It contains a number of doc changes. Toolset version auto detection
>>> with msvc. And a fix for missing files in the install (bjam install).
>>> Please give it a try and report any problems to the developer list or
>>> directly to me.
>> When I build this (using bjam --toolset=msvc install) it installs to
>> c:\boost\include\boost-1_35 and the library files have 1_35 as the
>> version number. This was done with Borland/CodeGear Turbo C++ and with
>> Microsoft VC 8.
>> Also, I tried to build with msvc-8.0 as the toolset and it told me that
>> 8.0 was not a valid version number. I can use msvc as the toolset but
>> then there is not a compiler version number in the resulting libraries.
>> (i.e. libboost_thread-vc-mt-1_35.lib).
>> Am I doing something wrong? Am I the only one seeing this issue?
> The only way I can imagine this happening is if somehow the HEAD
> version of the Jamfile.v2 at BOOST_ROOT was substituted for the
> correct (RC_1_34_0) one.

Nope. 1.35 and 1_35 don't appear anywhere in the tree that looks

find . \( -path \*/CVS -o -path \*/.svn -o -path \*/\{arch\} -o -path \*/.hg -o -path \*/_darcs -o -path \*/.git -o -path \*/.bzr \) -prune -o -type f -print0 | xargs -0 -e grep -Ei -nH -e 1\[._\]35\\\>
./boost/functional/hash/hash.hpp:46: // isn't due to be supported until Boost 1.35. So add support here.
./boost/preprocessor/repetition/repeat.hpp:86:# define BOOST_PP_REPEAT_1_35(m, d) BOOST_PP_REPEAT_1_34(m, d) m(2, 34, d)
./boost/preprocessor/repetition/repeat.hpp:87:# define BOOST_PP_REPEAT_1_36(m, d) BOOST_PP_REPEAT_1_35(m, d) m(2, 35, d)
./boost/test/unit_test_suite.hpp:212:// Revision 1.35 2006/02/06 10:04:55 rogeeff
./doc/html/thread/release_notes.html:87: been omitted from that release. A reworked mutex is expected to appear in 1.35.
Binary file ./libs/graph/doc/isomorphism-impl.pdf matches
Binary file ./libs/mpl/doc/refmanual.pdf matches
./libs/random/random-performance.html:261: <td>1.35</td>
./libs/regex/doc/vc71-performance.html:527: <td>1.35<BR>
./libs/test/test/errors_handling_test.cpp:210:// Revision 1.35 2005/06/13 11:46:26 schoepflin
./libs/thread/doc/release_notes.xml:57: been omitted from that release. A reworked mutex is expected to appear in 1.35.
./tools/build/v2/doc/userman.pdf:870:/Rect [ 277.23 524.56 451.35 514.56 ]

I'm baffled. I have to try this out for myself.

Dave Abrahams
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