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From: Jake Voytko (jakevoytko_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-05-24 22:24:21

I personally like the suggested changes to the name of the
namespace/class. Unless anybody has any strong objections, I'll be
working with that as the name from now on.

All of the other things will get added to the "to do" list. I feel
that some of these features have lower priority than others.. proper
auto-displaying of all data points clearly has a higher priority than
the thickness of minor axis ticks :).

Does anybody else have any suggestions?


On 5/23/07, Paul A Bristow <pbristow_at_[hidden]> wrote:
> I've been collecting a shopping list of possibly desirable features for Jake Voytko's GSoC STL containers as SVG plots.
> Project and class names?
> Boost.Plot? - as Boost.Graph is 'spoken for' - and does that mean that to avoid confusion we should always use the work plot rather
> than graph? Like
> svg_plot my_plot("my_plot1.svg");
> rather than
> svg_graph my_graph("test.svg"); // Construct class
> Best to get the name right as early as possible?
> Features of plots I have thought that are (or might be) wanted are:
> General
> =======
> * overall (called chart area in Excel - is this the right name?) background box colour, if any.
> * background border? colour, if any
> Axes
> ====
> * axes area background and/or border? (called plot area in Excel)
> * title, font, size and colour
> * axis lines, thickness, colour?
> * axis labels (and perhaps separate units) default x axis (y axis, z axis)?
> * axis markers (or not), major (and minor?) width, length and colour. default of these, marks inside or outside
> * (separate for x, (y and z), logarithmic, and anti) axis?/axes
> * axis marker labels - as vector of pairs of values and short strings of values? max, min, Auto option, axis
> * must go through origin?
> * should axes be scaled, for example, if all values are in range 1e-6 to 9e-6, should be axes be 1. to 10. with a scale
> factor of 1e-6?
> Data
> ====
> * data marker symbol like * x . | |_| etc, size, boldness and color (and outline?). Lines or Blocks can be used to show 1D as
> histograms if they can optionally be used to stack on top of each other.
> * data value labels? - showing the x (y & z) value of each data point: font, size, colour, position? format?
> * should data values be show with the same scale factor as axes, or include any exponent 1.23e6?
> * multiple data series,
> * series legend, position (top, bottom , left right exact) , font, colour, border?
> * gridlines?? Not a priority,but some people will probably want them, sometimes.
> * lines (colour, thinkness) and/or curves joining data points.
> * lines representing a fitted line or curve - lower prority as users can always do this themselves.
> * Will need greek for all sorts of text (labels, title legends), so use Unicode strings? Need sub and superscript too, and other
> symbols like sqrt? Maybe worry about this later?
> data sources
> ============
> x data points in 'container' (C array, Boost array, std::vector, std::list, std::deque, circular_buffer)
> (I'm using container to include C arrays that are not strictly STL containers).
> * Default is to plot all in the container, but also:
> count of values, starting with 1st,
> index of 1st and last values.
> iterator to 1st and last.
> * Similarly for x & y data (perhaps even x & y & z data).
> * y values at equally spaced x with start and finish indexes and iterators, or count of values? Default for array, vector...?
> * array x values, array y values, container x & y pairs, (container x, y, z as tuples)
> * container of 'points' as a struct double, double?
> * Function like y = mx + c, y = sin(x) ... as source (but need to specify the limits of x (and/or y??)).
> (This will also be useful to show fitted lines or curves on top of the data points).
> * need to provide svg class member functions with defaults for all, as well as control of *all* details.
> * getter functions like my_graph.point_color() returning red?
> Views on priorities, and things I have missed?
> Paul
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