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From: Cédric Venet (cedric.venet_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-06-13 15:59:40

> For those who have put time or energy into making suggestions for the
> SVG_Plot program, an update (with pretty pictures!) is on the wiki:
> Feedback / use cases welcome ;).


This question has probably already been answered when defining the subject,
but I wasn't there. So if you don't mind:
Why does this library export is graph only in SVG?

I have nothing against SVG but (for example):
- the picture on the wiki didn't show up correctly event after I installed a
plugin, I needed to clic on it for them to display on a lank page (I use
IE7, like a majority of users). Also, I took the plugin from adobe and it
seems they don't plan to support it anymore after the end of the year.
- If I want to put the svg in a latex document, I would need to convert it
to ps/eps. It would be easier to output directly in ps format.
- If I want to display the graph on the screen at runtime, it would be

I think this library would be a lot more useful if it allowed multiple/user
customized backend. Even if the only provided backend is svg.

I read the code and actually, the output is completely bound to the drawing
element. Since the drawing element are already a hierarchy of class, we
would need to use double dispatch, either dynamically using a visitor
pattern (for example) or statically by templatifying all the drawing element
with a class containing the implementation of the output.

I don't think the runtime speed would be noticeably be affected by this.

Just my own opinion. I really think that developing all the framework for
only outputting svg is a waste. Moreover since the change to the code would
be minimal if done now.

Use case:
- with eps backend => latex document
- with GDI or openGL backend => runtime plotting
- raster backend => solid image (png, jpeg)

Lastly, please excuse my poor English. I don't use English very often.

Cédric Venet
Student at Centrale Paris

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