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From: Marcus Lindblom (macke_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-07-17 16:03:47

Felipe Magno de Almeida wrote:
> Hi,
> There were some little interest for this in another thread here in
> boost. So, who has any experience in game programming, it would be
> interesting to layout some requirements for a new engine and
> complaints from other engines. See if we can find out how a game
> engine should really be.

(Sorry for striking a negative tone here.. but.. )

I feel that boost is mostly a set of low-level libraries, not a complete
"engine" or "framework". Boost should perhaps aim at providing isolated
components useful for this or that, but IMHO labeling a complete
framework (which a good game-engine is, make no mistake there) as "the
boost game engine" would probably do more ill than good for the Boost

Also, there's no single engine design that will fit all games, period.
Anyone who's been doing any sort of serious game programming knows that.
(This has got to do with evolvment in gaming hardware, game design and
software patterns.)

Therefore, I think it's just a futile project to put under the boost

Just imagine, what needs to be done to code up a good game today, like
your average MMORPRG or something. :)

There are numerous such parts:
  * content/anim/rendering (best left to others)
  * networking (asio + levels on top of that)
  * low-level server work (clustering, load balancing, etc)
  * high-level server work (accounts, chat, database)
  * active framework system (game object mgmnt)
  * auto update/versioning
  * state distribution
  * scripting (python? lua? lang-bind?)
  * AI (state machines, micro-threads, fuzzy-logic? learning? etc)

Consider also, that development hardware is not accessible to Boost
(i.e. GameCube, Wii & PS3) because it's very expensive.

Or, you could make a kiddy-game engine for ppl to learn with on their
PC, but there are a few of those out there already, in various stages.

So, in summary, it's a nice idea of course, and I like the enthusiasm,
but I think there are other Open Source projects well ahead of boost in
trying to make a good extendable framework for game development and
other things. Contributing to those and perhaps refactoring out parts
for introduction as separate libraries into boost is IMO time better
spent for everyone.

(Let's not forget that the boost communitiy can't find a consensus on
how to best design a math lib for 3d-graphics. Now imagine a whole game
engine. :)


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