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From: Robert Ramey (ramey_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-08-11 17:33:16

I'm interested in

a) getting developer access to the SVN system - if I don't already have it.
b) I don't know if the SVN system has a web browser interface like the CVS
system did. If it does it would be nice to have it enabled. Personally,
since i have tortoise svn on my machine, its not a big deal if I don't have
it. But I think its very useful for those who arn't hooked up to SVN
system to be able to observe history and when investigating features.
c) It seems to me that information regarding SVN access and boost customs
and practices for using it to best advantage should be available form the
main boost web page. Oh now I found it - its via a link titled Sandbox SVN.
So I guess what I'm ask is for the main page to be tweaked so it's location
is more obvious.
d) The same goes for Trac. There is a link referring to it as a list of bug
fixes. But it seems that its also intended to be used for reporting bugs.
I don't think that's at all clear from the main page.
e) Poking around with the browser shows me a branch for RC_1_34_0. It seems
we're releasing 1.34.1 - where is the branch for the actual code released?
or are they the same? or?
f) Poking around a little more, I see:

root/branches/SPIRIT_1_6/boost/boost ... // all the boost headers

which is what I expect to see. I presume that all these headers are the
state at the time the branch was made plus any merged in updates. OK

then I look at:

root/branches/SPIRIT_1_6/boost/libs ...// only find the directory for spirit

which kind of surprises me. I expect to see the whole set of libraries even
though I know they havn't changed on this branch. I'm sure all the boost
libraries haven't changed on this branch yet they are all there. What am I
missing here?

On the web page under
Developer Access one finds:

Boost contributors are given read/write access to the Boost Subversion
repository when their Boost tasks warrant. There are three different areas
of the Boost Subversion repository that contributors may need access to:

  a.. The main Boost development areas, including the devel and stable
directories. This level of access is typically restricted to authors and
maintainers of Boost libraries.
*** What is are the "devel" and "stable" directories? Is one of them the
"trunk" Please expand upon this.
  a.. The sandbox area, which is used to develop new libraries and tools
that have not yet come up for Boost review. This level of access is
available to contributors who want to develop future Boost libraries and
collaborate with other Boost contributors.
  b.. The web site, which stores the Boost web site.
To gain developer access to the Boost Subversion repository, please send a
email to the Boost Moderators at boost-owner -at- stating
why you need write access to the Boost Subversion repository, and which
parts of the repository--boost itself, the sandbox, or the web site--you
need access to.

*** How can I find out what parts (if any) I have developer access to. When
I downloaded the SVN trunk the first time - I wasn't asked for a password -
which surprised me. I didn't try to check anything in so I have no idea
what kind of access I had.

If you had access to Boost CVS when it was hosted at SourceForge, please
provide your SourceForge user ID. Once a moderator has approved you for
access to the Subversion repository, you will receive an invitation via
e-mail that asks you to provide a user name and a password, which will be
used to access both the Boost Subversion repository and the Boost Trac.

*** I went through some procedure to get developer access to boost trac - so
I have a password for that. So am I already in business for SVN?

You will also be asked to grant permission for your past and future Boost
contributions to be licensed under the Boost Software License version 1.0
and future versions: your permission is required to work with the Boost
Subversion repository, so that we can ensure that Boost code is licensed
under the Boost Software License. Once you have signed in, you should notify
the moderator of your username, and he will complete the process.

Thanks in advance.

Robert Ramey

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