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From: John Femiani (JOHN.FEMIANI_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-10-10 04:04:14

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> Sent: Wednesday, October 10, 2007 12:31 AM
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> Subject: Re: [boost] Vera++
> > and any transforms that could be used to fix the rule
> > afterwards.
> It's not that simple. The rules are just scripts and the set of
> can be different on each installation. Same for transforms.
> In general, rules have no idea about transforms and their meaning, so
> they cannot recommend anything.
> On the other hand, some recommendations can be included in the
> documentation of each rule - at least those which are provided
> with the tool.
> To be frank, I'm not a big fan of automatic correction of code. This
> concept assumes that the *intended* form can be automatically deduced.
> At the same time I assume that any violation is actually a question
> about the original intentions and that it can be reliably resolved
> by human (I don't trust the code which was "fixed" without me being
> involved).
> These two assumptions are (philosophically) incompatible.
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> Maciej Sobczak * *

I was not trying to suggest automatically correcting the problems; I was
only suggesting that when the rules are crafted it would be useful if
the names of any relevant transforms were listed after the message so I
would know what to do.

For example you could have a --verbose option that gives hints, so
instead of just

aligned_storage.hpp:160: trailing whitespace

you could say:

aligned_storage.hpp:160: [L001] trailing whitespace
        -fix1: vera++ -transform trim_right aligned_storage.hpp
        -fix2: vera++ -transform som_other_transform

Actually the reason I suggested that was because I got the message about
tabs and could not find a transform to fix it, even though I expected
there to be one. I assume that you just haven't gotten around to that
one yet :)

Also I have used eclipse in the past for Java programming and that IDE
does an incredible job at suggesting corrections and applying them. The
IDE puts an icon next to a line if there is a syntax error or if there
is a code analysis rule (like a vera++ rule) that is broken at the line.
When you right click on the icon you can choose from a list of possible
actions to fix the problem.

I do not know of a c++ editor or IDE with this feature but I think that
if Vera++ can provide a consistent syntax for listing suggestions then
authors of editors could write plug-ins for it (or maybe I am just

Actually the Java tool lets you put special comments in to instruct the
analyzer to ignore messages on the next statement. For your program it
could be something like:

//@ignore_rule L001

That makes sure the analyzer doesn't flag it as a warning and it lets
any other reader know that you deliberately chose to break convention
for some reason.

I'm just putting that out there. :-)

-- John

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