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From: John Maddock (john_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-11-02 06:48:07

Rene Rivera wrote:
> John Maddock wrote:
>> Folks I think we need to get organised with PDF's now that we have
>> many more libraries with quickbook/boostbook docs.
>> I don't particularly want these in SVN trunk: apart from anything
>> else it needlessly bloats the download size if folks are happy with
>> HTML versions. Previously I've placed these in the vault, but
>> there's a file size limit there and the new Boost.Math PDF's are too
>> large :-(
>> Another alternative would be the sourceforge file release system,
>> but I don't believe all developers have access to that?
>> So.... how about we either have a directory in the "website" area of
>> SVN for these, or else in the sandbox maybe?
> A place in the website seems best. But it needs to be arranged
> carefully as one of my goals is to make documentation for all
> releases available. To be able to handle that they need to be
> organized by version and library. There's already a doc section, so
> here's the layout:
> web-root/doc/prebuilt/<version>/libs/<library>/doc/whatever.pdf
> (or any other prebuilt docs, not just pdf)

Is this under website\public_html\beta\doc ?

> Note, this would be only an internal arrangement. We can arrange the
> links to show up elsewhere as needed. In particular they can show up
> as a link to /doc/libs/<version>/doc/whatever.pdf.

OK, but what I'd really like is a *stable* link in the docs to the PDF's,
i.e. one that doesn't have to change for each release, is it possible to
auto-generate an index of PDF's in the website area (by version and/or by
library) that we can all link to?

Also having <version> in the directory name is somewhat overkill given that
we have an SVN history anyway... although I guess since SVN copies are
cheap, we could have:


which would contain the most recent PDF build, and


as an SVN copy of a specific version?

Given that PDF's will most likely only be uploaded once per release (twice
if you mess up first time :-) ), this doesn't greatly bloat SVN?



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