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From: Beman Dawes (bdawes_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-01-23 08:55:40

Rene Rivera wrote:
> Beman Dawes wrote:
>> Rene Rivera wrote:
>>> Beman Dawes wrote:
>>>> What else? Where do the web pages come from?
>>> Which web pages specifically? All of them? The docs?
>> For example, in 1.34.x there was a page
>> boost-root/more/cpp_committee_meetings.html
>> On the beta site, it has migrated to
>> But even after running bjam in release-candidate-root/doc that page (and
>> other, if not all, pages) is missing. And let's
>> not forget the home page itself. There is still a version in the
>> root-directory, but it is the old design, not the design.
> That old index.html page needs to go away and be replaced with new
> content specific for the release.

Are you saying that the root index.html pages for the release and the
web site have different content?
>> Furthermore, the release-candidate tree contains directories such as
>> bin.v2 that shouldn't be in the release-candidate.
> That's the build tree. And it's definitely not to be included.


>> I'm guessing that
>> has to be
>> exported, then merged with the directory tree that resulted from
>> exporting and then
>> running bjam. But I need specifics.
> Nope :-) The point of the new web site is that the release *does not*
> contain the web site content. Hence there's no need to synchronize the
> web site with the release.

How do users who need the web site content locally download it?

Does the web site contain all the content of the release? Even if they
aren't physically integrated, how are they logically integrated?

>> Also, having two repositories that have to be exported and then merged
>> seems confusing and error prone. Why hasn't the new
>> material just
>> been integrated into the trunk, and thus will flow into the release
>> branch with everything else destined for the next release? I must be
>> missing something.
> Yep... You are missing the part where the web site is not integrated
> into the release. So the only integration that needs to happen is
> building the library docs, if needed.

Something has to happen to keep the release and the web site in sync.

>>> Oh, and at some point we, RSN, need to make a new
>>> boost-root/readme|index.html page.
>> Yep!
> OK, some suggestions on content for that release page are welcome.
> Obviously at minimum having the usual release notes in it. But some
> intro text with a pointer to the getting started docs would also be a
> minimum requirement. What else?
> PS. I have some minor items to clean up on the new web site which I see
> about doing tonight. So we have to start working on making the site live
> (i.e. replace the existing site). Not sure what coordination is needed
> to get the DNS and live content working. I think I can take care of the
> web server related parts, but help from Doug might be required.

I've been assuming that it is the same process as in past releases. When
the release is ready, the release manager copies it to the web server.

Is there a writeup somewhere of this new scheme? I'm lost.


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