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From: Beman Dawes (bdawes_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-01-24 21:43:46

Rene Rivera wrote:
> Beman Dawes wrote:
>> Are you saying that the root index.html pages for the release and the
>> web site have different content?
> Yes.
>> How do users who need the web site content locally download it?
> They don't. A user should not need the web site content to use the release.

OK. That should work.

>> Does the web site contain all the content of the release? Even if they
>> aren't physically integrated, how are they logically integrated?
> Logically the docs for each release is available in the web site. In the
> docs section you can browse those docs for each release. For example for
> 1.34.1 <>. Physically the web site
> has a copy of the ZIP archive for the release and unpacks and presents
> those docs dynamically.

Forwarding to individual libs doesn't seem to be fully functional. On
the live web site, pulls up the filesystem
docs. But gets a 404. It looks like it
tries to do the redirection, but something misfires.

>> Something has to happen to keep the release and the web site in sync.
> Sure :-) But the goal was to minimize the connection in order to make
> updating the web site much easier, and to make the release process less
> work...
>> I've been assuming that it is the same process as in past releases. When
>> the release is ready, the release manager copies it to the web server.
> "Copy it to the web server" is still the essential step. But instead of
> copying a bunch of files you copy the ZIP archive and edit the web site
> to use "publish" it.

OK. These procedures need to be worked out in detail, and then tested
before we go live.

>> Is there a writeup somewhere of this new scheme? I'm lost.
> Not yet, since I avoid writing docs for something I haven't actually
> done yet ;-) So here's the planned steps (reality may vary):
> * Create the release (docs, archive, whatever)
> * Upload the ZIP archive,, to the server. Currently it
> would be to /home/grafik/
> * Edit the beta web site content to show the new release. Some of the
> edits can happen even before the archive is uploaded...
> Edits:
> * Add new libraries to the library list
> <>.
> * Edit the docs display to ensure that the docs for each library display
> correctly. This is the hardest step so far since there's some magic PHP
> code doing this
> <>.
> * Add the release to the history
> <>
> and edit the downloads to make it the active release
> <>.
> Then rebuild the RSS feeds. The general procedure for this is documented
> at <>.
> And as the last step, merge the changes from the beta site
> <> to
> the live site
> <>. With
> the obvious testing in between to make sure that the content is correct
> in the beta site before pushing it to the live site ;-)
> Note, some of those edits above are what I need to work on now. And I
> should say that I'm always trying to make the editing as simple as
> possible so things may change as I work through the actual steps and
> figure out how to automate the work.

Understood. Thanks for all your help on this.


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