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From: John Femiani (JOHN.FEMIANI_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-03-26 16:36:03

Bruno wrote:
> > I understand what the original poster was trying to convey, and
> opinion is valid,
> > but they both need much more clarification than saying things
should be
> interchangeable.
> Indeed, things have to be clear on that point, and I'm a bit confused
> about what really constitutes the concept of a point. What I have
> understood until now is that a class is the point if it exposes:
> * the value<>() getter and setter
> * coordinate_type
> * coordinate_count
> and that besides this, the .x and .y of the point_xy class were just
> some syntactic helpers provided for an easier external use of this
> class. But I see that almost all the algorithms use .x and .y, which
> means that they won't work with the basic concept I just described.
> Shouldn't all those algorithms be implemented in terms of value<>()
> accesses ?
> Some headers that use .x and .y:
> area.hpp
> strategies_point_xy.hpp
> centroid.hpp
> correct.hpp
> envelope.hpp
> intersection_linestring.hpp
> intersection_segment.hpp
> Bruno
[John Femiani]

This is why I would like to see concepts spelled out like this:
as is done by other boost libraries which I like, such as gil, BGL , fusion, and
others. They all clearly specify their concepts using the SGI style and
provide concept checking classes. To me that makes them easy to

IMHO the core need from a point library is the concepts, not the models,
because there are so many different well-tuned geometry libraries that
exist, and the idea is that boost _algorithms_ work on any "point",
rather than that boost have a great point class (those are easy).

Also, I already disagree about the idea that a point should have
coordinates. CoordinatesConcept should be part of a separate concept. Of
course a useful point class will model both the coordinates and the
point concept. To me a point should really support transform, scale,
rotate, shear, and distance operations as free functions (maybe more).

I don't know how to handle the idea of a 'space' or a 'kernel'.

BTW, I came across lib2geom the other day and they seem to be using


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