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Subject: [boost] CMake build system is Merged into Trunk
From: Michael Jackson (mike.jackson_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-11-01 14:51:12

With the encouragement of Doug Gregor and the support of other Boost
moderators I have merged the work from the CMake branch into trunk.
The CMake branch was a branch to develop a new build system for boost
based on the opensource CMake build system ( The
current state of the build system is unstable and still has work to be
done. Compiling of the static libraries on at least one system (OS X
10.5.5 Intel) was completed and the installation of the libraries and
headers was performed. There is still much work to be done but we are
hoping to quickly improve the state of the cmake build system so that
it becomes usable.

NOTHING has been done to compromise the current build system based on

For more information on getting started with CMake and boost please
take a look at this page:

I will be adding to the CMake documentation on the wiki as soon as I

For those familiar with CMake here is the 2 second how to (For Unix/
line command):

Install CMake 2.6.2 from

Update your Boost trunk.
Open boost/CMakeLists.txt and comment out the following line:
    message(FATAL_ERROR "")
Create a build directory for boost (I suggest 'Build' within the boost
cd into Build

cmake ../
.. Let that go for a little while

make modularize
.. Let that go for a while. This WILL change the layout of the boost
working directory so WATCH OUT for this. Once this is complete there
is NO 'undo' so the only way to get your working directory back the
way it was is to do a revert from svn. Once this runs the bjam system
WILL break. So ONLY do this if you want to either work on the CMake
system or try it out. And finally run


Windows Users:
    Run the 'cmake-gui.exe' app and point it to your working
directory. Tell the app where to put its build files (Binary
directory) and hit configure. Pick what type of build files you want
generated, and then let it "configure" After it is done configuring
click the "Generate" button. Your project files, makefiles, or Visual
Studio files should now be created.

Testing is NOT complete as of yet. I am still getting all the cmake
files updated.

If you have comments, feedback or anything else either file a bug in
the trac system or come join us on the boost-cmake mailing list <

Again, I would like to stress that NOTHING has been done to change the
current bjam based build system. If it DID break let me know ASAP and
I will fix it.

Mike Jackson mike.jackson_at_[hidden]
BlueQuartz Software
Principal Software Engineer Dayton, Ohio

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