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Subject: Re: [boost] [time series] What happened to this library?
From: Paul A. Bristow (pbristow_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-02-04 12:35:24

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> Subject: Re: [boost] [time series] What happened to this library?
> Not to dampen your enthusiasm, but I'm a bit disillusioned with Doxygen.
> Time_series and Accumulators push the Doxygen to its breaking point, and
> Proto was just too much for it. I used Doxygen to a first approximation
> (with Wave as a preprocessor!), then had to hand-edited its output to
> get anything approaching a usable reference for Proto. There is just no
> substitute for a hand-written reference section, IMO. Then again, this
> may just be a case of PiNT (Proto is Not Typical).

I am sure a hand produced index will always be better - but MUCH more
expensive to write, and a maintenance nightmare (certain to get to be just
wrong before too long).

Having floundered around in many Boost libraries, I think that Doxygenation
and auto-indexing will be a leap forward, even if not perfect.

> > 3 I am close to updating the documentation (and enhanced code) for
> > the GSoC 2007 SVG plot project by Jake Voytko - including
> > Doxygenation and John Maddock's auto indexing. The code is in a
> > useful (but unpolished) state and I am confident it will allow neat
> > graphs to display data like time_series with minimal programming
> > effort. The SVG files produced are tiny, but high quality, and can
> > be viewed with quality browsers.
> You're thinking of using SVG plot to improve Time_series' documentation?
> I'm all in favor.

Well not directly - *Users of data*, including time_series data may like to
be able to *plot* their data.

If data is in a STL container convertible to double, say

multimap <double, double> values;

Then something like

svg_1d_plot my_plot;

my_plot.title("My Stuff").autoscale(true);

myplot.plot(values, "My series");


should give you a neatish graph.


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