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Subject: Re: [boost] [move] Library uploaded to sandbox
From: Ion Gaztañaga (igaztanaga_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-02-19 02:18:32

Mathias Gaunard writes:

> Christian Holmquist wrote :
> > I think the doc_file_descriptor example should show how to create an object
> > directly in the vector<file_descriptor> using emplace functions, as
> > boost::move can't detect true rvalues as in c+0x.
> >
> > boost::interprocess::vector<file_descriptor> v;
> > v.push_back(file_descriptor("filename")); // <- Fails
> Why does it fail?
> I thought rvalues were properly detected.


If you have these overloads:

push_back(const T &x);
push_back(BOOST_RV_REF(T) x);

Then 1 is chosen because derived to base conversion is stronger than
the conversion operator. But if you disable const overload with
enable_if<is_movable<T> > then you can do this:


but this will also work (and seems dangerous):

file_descriptor f;
v.push_back(f); //Note, no "move"

In Interprocess containers I've chosen a more verbose and limited approach:

//Catch by value works
file_descriptor temp(get_file_descriptor());
//Now explicit move

You can also use a catch by value approach with this library:

push_back(movable m);

that will work with both:


The downside is that you always create a temporary and code will not
conform to C++0x.

As you mentioned, limitations of the library are not mentioned in the
documentation and that's a big hole. A little example to play a bit:

#include <boost/move_semantics/move.hpp>
#include "movable.hpp"

//Catch by value
void function(movable m)

//Catch by reference
void function_ref(const movable &m)

//Catch by reference
void function_ref(BOOST_RV_REF(movable) m)

int main()
   movable m;
   movable cm;

   //move returns rv ref
   BOOST_RV_REF(movable) r = boost::move(m);
   //Conversion operator applied
   BOOST_RV_REF(movable) q = movable();
   //Dangerous for a container if const overload is disabled
   BOOST_RV_REF(movable) s = m;
   //Catch by value, ok
   m = movable();

   //Does not compile

   //Does not compile in C++03

   return 0;



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