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Subject: Re: [boost] C++ Networking Library Release 0.5
From: Michael Caisse (boost_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-02-01 18:56:13

Phil Endecott wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> Peter Petrov wrote:
>> Let me chime in, as I've recently developed an Asio-based HTTP server as
>> well.
>> First, Spirit is unsuitable for the task - it consumes all the input
>> in one
>> pass, and doesn't support the case when the HTTP request arrives in more
>> than one read. The real solution is a state-machine-based parser,
>> just like
>> the one in the Asio HTTP example.
> I disagree in general. My parser is primarily an HTTP request
> _header_ parser, and the headers are normally relatively small. For
> most requests (i.e. GETs) the request body doesn't add much, and in
> those cases it is likely that the whole request can be got in a single
> read. In fact browser implementations go to some lengths to make
> their requests fit in single network packets (about 1500 bytes) for
> performance reasons, and single network packets will generally be
> accessible as single reads.
> I normally use this code in a thread-per-connection environment, but
> if you wanted to use it in a single-threaded system you would need to
> modify it to detect incomplete input in the (rare) case when the input
> was split over multiple packets.
> In the case of HTTP POST and PUT requests, on the other hand, the body
> (but not the header) can be large, and parsing it incrementally as it
> arrives probably is necessary. I noticed a BoostCon paper about a
> MIME parser (Marshall?) - this would definitely benefit from working
> incrementally in many applications.

While not wanting to be self-serving .... I will be discussing how to
use Spirit and Asio together at BoostCon in presentations on Spirit and Asio.
I have been developing a utility that works well for many of my applications
that require asynchronous messaging. I have also utilized it with embedded HTTP

While the source works well and is shipping with a few client projects, it is
rough in Boost terms and is going through refinements for a May introduction.

I tend to agree with Phil. My experience is that provided the correct model, Spirit
(both Qi and Karma) work perfectly fine in this domain.

Best Regards -

Michael Caisse
Object Modeling Designs

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