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Subject: Re: [boost] "Software Development using the C++ Boost Library", book in preparatiion
From: Daniel J. Duffy (dduffy_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-02-17 08:20:07

Hi Robert Stewart,
Thanks for your comments.
Some feedback and background to this project:
. "type erasure" is well-known in several other different contexts, under different names. My point was that Function (which I have applied to financial 3D PDE problems with multi-array) is a good way to solve these problems (using design patterns).
In fact, 'Type Erasure" does not seem to be a widely used term; I could not find it in Alexandrescu, Josuttis... Of course, google.
. My remark 3 was a response to Jesse Perla's comments. The idea is that you don't want vendor stuff being mixed up with boost. That should be clear.
. Fusion; I did not say I knew it, again it was a response and a queston to Jesse.
. The status of the book (now that you ask); I am publishing it myself by my own company (I mention this in my first post!) , have used boost for some years (several courses, see my site as wel as boost thread with examples) and am porting code to it. At this moment we have about 12 chapters ready and have already integrated some libaries into production code. "In preparation" thus means: we are writing it up. I have done the feasibility leg-work. I reckon the book will be ready by Summer 2010. We have a number of reviewers since a while. Look at my original list of chapters again, most chapters are well under way. For the record, I have written 8 books, so I knew how the process works. I hope these remarks clear things up for you.
It goes without saying that I can gladly send my chapters to the respective authors when completed.
Btw I am familiar with books by Karlsson, and on BGL, MPL. And
Referencing the libraries: is it not allowed to ask just to make sure that I am using the correct terminology?
regards and thanks


From: boost-bounces_at_[hidden] on behalf of Stewart, Robert
Sent: Wed 17-02-2010 13:04
To: boost_at_[hidden]
Subject: Re: [boost] "Software Development using the C++ Boost Library",book in preparatiion

Daniel J. Duffy wrote:

This thread is disturbing; read on.

> 1. Phoenix: I'm sold :-) This will be a great library for
> applications. The chapter we had for Lambda is now for
> Phoenix. Nice that it can be used as a separate module. Maybe
> it should be a 1st-class library in its own right?

I believe Joel already said it would be in v3.

> 2. type erasure: I looked this term up but it seems as if it
> is similar to interface/device independent/ programming. In
> the past we built homemade Function and used it in
> combination with OO specialisation with virtual functions,
> Now boost Function is so much better. Mathematicians and
> engineers are used to functions and we adopt the same
> approach (e.g. using namespaces)

It seems troublesome that you would assert authority to write about a wide array of the more advanced Boost libraries without knowing the meaning of "type erasure."

> 3. Ideally, we would like TR1 and boost to be as seamless as possible.

That's rather vague.

> 4. Fusion: I think this is useful, especially with Any?

I realize that you just learned of this library, so you can't speak from firsthand or specific knowledge, but that, itself, is disturbing based upon the original message in this thread in which you stated that the book is "in preparation," that it "is pitched" to certain skill levels, etc., which suggested you had already written much of the book. At this point, one easily can conclude that you have only conceived the book idea, possibly even pitched it to a publisher, and now want to know what to put in it, all while having only a cursory knowledge of Boost.

> 6. "Boost Library"; there are many libraries in the
> collection, What is the best description: "Boost", "Boost
> Suite" when referring to everything?

You claim some subject matter authority, given that you intend to write a book on numerous libraries from Boost, and yet you apparently don't know enough about the community to find the home page. The logo in the upper left corner uses the phrase "Boost C++ Libraries," and the first sentence states that, "Boost provides free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries." Later sentences use the phrase "Boost libraries." The home page should give you what you need to know how to refer to Boost and its libraries. That you didn't investigate that far is disturbing.

There are a number of books that mention Boost, including _Beyond the C++ Standard Library: An Introduction to Boost_, by Bjorn Karlsson, which should have demonstrated how to reference the libraries. Have you read the extant books on or related to Boost?

There have even been discussions in this mailing list on that subject. Did you search for them?

I'm not against the idea of your book or of your writing it, but it seems as though you are asking us to critique the initial outline, suggest what you should write about, provide examples, etc., all before you've done the research needed to know the Boost libraries and community.

Rob Stewart robert.stewart_at_[hidden]
Software Engineer, Core Software using std::disclaimer;
Susquehanna International Group, LLP <>

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