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Subject: Re: [boost] [Booster] Or boost is useless for library developers
From: Artyom (artyomtnk_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-05-20 15:37:50

First of Boost I didn't proposed Booster to be replacement of boost as I don't really care about full Windows support. So don't take a look on Booster as what Boost should be. > > > > I don't think that Booster is the way to go because I > created it for > > my partial needs rather needs of Boost community. > > > > For example: > > > > - Booster.Thread is just wrapper of > pthreads/pthreads-win32 with boost > >  like API. > > Oh please no!!! > > Why should I be forced to use a GPL'ed external library > rather than a "first class citisen" that talks to the > platform API's directly. 1. pthreads-win32 is LESSER GPL library (not GPL) and many-many project use it 2. Boost.Thread is just C++ implementation of Pthreads standard. Every function that exists in Boost.Threads exists in pthreads and other way. Boost thread is designed AFTER pthreads concepts and API. > > > - Booster.Regex is just a wrapper of PCRE. > > Oh heavens.  So lets see... no wide character support, IMHO wide characters should be vanished from C++ it is the worst way to represent Unicode (and I know thing or two about Unicode). See: - - And PCRE supports Unicode quite well with UTF-8 support. And if you really want Unicode - only ICU can help you. > no support for segmented containers (think really large > texts stored in discontinous memory - I've had people using > this support to search multi-gigabyte texts that could never > be stored in memory or searched via a C interface). Ahhhhh... Are you running regex over multi-gigabyte texts? Then something wrong with your design. > BTW do you realise that Boost.Regex has had an ABI stable > POSIX-standard compatible C interface for the last um.... 12 > years.... and yes that's since before Boost existed. No I do not. To be honest I'm glad to hear it (really...) I'll take a look of I can extract Boost.Regex as is for Booster. And it would be easy to put it into boost-abi > > I'll end with this thought: "templates generate no more > code bloat than non-templates unless they are used > gratuitously".  For example instantiating > vector<int> and vector<long> in the same program > on a platform where int and long are the same size should > probably be considered a mistake.  But that's no reason > to ditch std::vector, just to be sensible in ones usage. > Nobody tells you make vector non-template or non-inlined as vector is just type-safe array with iterators just wrappers of pointers. But I do not think that networking library should be inlined (for example) It is the point of design. Best, Artyom

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