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Subject: [boost] [boost::endian] Summary of discussion #1
From: Tomas Puverle (tomas.puverle_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-06-02 11:37:30

Thank you everyone for your contributions. It seems the activity is dying down
a little and some consensus has been reached, so I decided to summarize the
thread here for my and other people's benefit.

Unanswered question:
One question which I posed in the original thread and didn't get picked up by
anyone was to do with the metafunction is_mutable_range<T>. I use it to
determine whether T is a range as opposed to just a value. I was suggesting
is_mutable_range<> and is_const_range<> could be added to Boost.Range but nobody
had any opinions.

Basic interface:
There were many suggestions for changes/improvements but in the end, it seemed
that the proposed functional interface was generally ok. Beside the two
functions swap<>() and swap_in_place<>(), there was a desire for two simpler
alternatives, to<>() and from<>(), which would imply the "host" portion, i.e.
swap<host_to_{little/big}>() would be equivalent to to<{little/big}>() and
swap<{little/big}_to_host>() would be equivalent to from<{little/big}>().

The idea of "network" being a synonym for "big" was raised but ultimately
rejected, due to the fact that the library shouldn't be tied to any particular

Floating point values:
There is a potential issue with swapping floating point values. This will be
resolved by limiting the contexts in which swap<>, from<> and to<> can be used.

Typed vs untyped:
One of the most contentious issues of the whole thread, I think both sides have
accepted that there is value in the other side's approach (or, at the very
least, I don't see how my library is going to make it through the review unless
I implement it :)
Having said that, as the typed interface ultimately relies on copying of data,
there may have to be some limitations on floating point values.

There was some desire for generic bit swapping/bit fields. I have some ideas on
this but for now I would prefer to concentrate on the byte-swapping issues and
revisit this in the future.

This seems like a reasonable plan for implementation. Thanks again for all the


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