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Subject: Re: [boost] [1.44] Beta 1 available
From: Roland Bock (rbock_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-08-06 12:37:24

Beman Dawes wrote:
> Boost release 1.43.0 beta 1 is now available from SourceForge
> See
> There are two new libraries (Meta State Machine and Polygon) in this
> release, and lots of fixes and improvements to existing libraries.
> For details of what's in the release, see
> Note that the links
> to files on this web page are for the final release - use the
> SourceForge link above to get the beta files.
> Please download the beta, give it a try, and report any problems you encounter.
> Thanks,
> -- The Boost Release Team
Ubuntu 8.4 (64 bit)
gcc 4.5.1

Built with:
export EXPAT_LIBPATH=$MY_ROOT/binaries/expat/2.0.1/lib
export EXPAT_INCLUDE=$MY_ROOT/binaries/expat/2.0.1/include
./ --with-icu=$MY_ROOT/binaries/icu/4.2
mkdir build
./bjam -q --build-dir=build --prefix=$MY_ROOT/binaries/boost/1.44
link=shared runtime-link=shared install

errors: 0
warnings: 104

I get runtime errors simply from linking against Here is a stacktrace:

#0 0x00007f8b85793095 in raise () from /lib/
#1 0x00007f8b85794af0 in abort () from /lib/
#2 0x00007f8b8600facd in __gnu_cxx::__verbose_terminate_handler () at
#3 0x00007f8b8600dce6 in __cxxabiv1::__terminate (handler=<value
optimized out>) at ../../../../libstdc++-v3/libsupc++/
#4 0x00007f8b8600dd13 in std::terminate () at
#5 0x00007f8b8600de1e in __cxa_throw (obj=<value optimized out>,
tinfo=<value optimized out>, dest=<value optimized out>) at
#6 0x00007f8b85fbbbab in std::__throw_runtime_error (__s=<value
optimized out>) at ../../../../libstdc++-v3/src/
#7 0x00007f8b8600bcac in std::locale::facet::_S_create_c_locale
(__cloc=<value optimized out>, __s=<value optimized out>) at
#8 0x0000000000000006 in ?? ()
#9 0x00007f8b85fc008c in _Impl (this=0x62b100, __s=0x62b0e8
"en_US.UTF-8", __refs=<value optimized out>) at
#10 0x00007f8b85fc0c24 in locale (this=0x7f8b88848938, __s=<value
optimized out>) at ../../../../libstdc++-v3/src/
#11 0x00007fff8fa347a0 in ?? ()
#12 0x00007f8b8623cf88 in
const*, char const*) const::__constness_names ()
   from /usr/local/lib/
#13 0x00007f8b88848938 in guard variable for (anonymous
namespace)::path_locale()::loc ()
#14 0x0000000000000000 in ?? ()

export LANG=C removes the exception, but that's not a very good
solution, of course...

I also encountered some new (compared to 1.41) warnings when I built
some of my own code:

Calls like
boost::local_time::local_date_time localTime(date, timeOfDay, timeZone_,
lead to
boost/algorithm/string/detail/find_format_store.hpp:74:18: warning:
unused parameter ‘Input’

Since that should be trivial to be fixed, I'd be grateful, if the
warning could be removed in the release version :-)

boost/archive/basic_archive.hpp:57:33: warning: type qualifiers ignored
on function return type
boost/archive/basic_archive.hpp:93:33: warning: type qualifiers ignored
on function return type
boost/archive/basic_archive.hpp:130:27: warning: type qualifiers ignored
on function return type
boost/archive/basic_archive.hpp:164:38: warning: type qualifiers ignored
on function return type
boost/serialization/collection_size_type.hpp:40:33: warning: type
qualifiers ignored on function return type

Again, these are trivial to be fixed by removing the obsolete const
qualifier. Please, with sugar on top :-)



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