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Subject: Re: [boost] [serialization] feedback on a possible port of the XML archive grammar to Qi
From: Bryce Lelbach aka wash (admin_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-09-13 16:00:48

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> Bruce.

(It's with a y, Bryce, actually :))

I sent in a request for trunk access this weekend, linked to this thread.
Hopefully I'll hear back from the mods sometime today or tomorrow.

It is of course my intention to actively maintain this patch.

> Update the trunk with your version. This should require little or no
> changes in boost/libs/serialization/test.
> Put your performance tests in boost/libs/serialization/performance.

- From the root of my working copy of the trunk, I have:

M boost/serialization/item_version_type.hpp
M boost/archive/impl/xml_iarchive_impl.ipp
M boost/archive/impl/basic_xml_grammar.hpp
A libs/serialization/xml_performance
A libs/serialization/xml_performance/string64_test.cpp
A libs/serialization/xml_performance/int16_test.cpp
A libs/serialization/xml_performance/string256_test.cpp
A libs/serialization/xml_performance/int64_test.cpp
A libs/serialization/xml_performance/macro.hpp
A libs/serialization/xml_performance/int256_test.cpp
A libs/serialization/xml_performance/high_resolution_timer.hpp
A libs/serialization/xml_performance/harness.hpp
A libs/serialization/xml_performance/string4_test.cpp
A libs/serialization/xml_performance/node.hpp
A libs/serialization/xml_performance/Jamfile.v2
A libs/serialization/xml_performance/string16_test.cpp
A libs/serialization/xml_performance/int4_test.cpp
M libs/serialization/src/xml_grammar.cpp
M libs/serialization/src/basic_xml_grammar.ipp
M libs/serialization/src/xml_wgrammar.cpp

xml_performance is just a temporary directory I was using as a sandbox. Once I
put the finishing touches on my work, run the performance tests on linux, and
get write access, I will check in.

The change to boost/serialization/item_version_type.hpp is the addition of
"#include <cassert>"; I came across a build error (in one of the examples, I
believe) arising from a missing declaration of assert.

- - Bryce Lelbach
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