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Subject: Re: [boost] [locale] Review of Boost.Locale library
From: Artyom (artyomtnk_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-04-17 17:21:11

> >
> > And in any event, the fact that the source texts are in E shouldn't
> > preclude your translating from X to Y. You just take the translation
> > text file for X which is basically a list of (E phrase, X phrase) pairs,
> > and translate the X phrases to Y phrases. This requires no E knowledge
> > on your part.
> If only such a simplistic means of translating between 2 languages
> actually existed. I doubt it, even in the limited use of programming phrases.

The point is that the software should be originally written in English
same as when you write a tutorial for Boost library you write it
in English (may be not best one) and then you or somebody else
translate it to other language if relevant.

Still English is "basic" international language.

> I know in my own area of expertise, literature, it does not exist but I will
> grant that the needs of a computer program may be much less linguistic
> But even a computer program still deals in end-users who want to see text
> makes sense to them in their own language rather than pig-latin type
> which they will laugh at. We are talking about computer users who will pay
> a computer program in their own language and commercial companies who can not
> deliver poor quality in that regard and hope to be successful.

Ohhh :-)

I have seen enough commercial software with crappy translations,
who give the text to professionals that have no idea in software
and make really bad job, just because they unaware of the domain.

On the other hand I've seen very good translations done by
non-professionals who actually know the domain and fluent
with the terminology.

So... I don't buy it :-)

In one of the previous reviews it was mentioned a way
to translate strings by creating excel files of original
strings and giving them to professional translators.

I just can't even describe how many problems such things may cause.

Best? Give a translator:

- the software
- the program like poedit with integrated spell
  checker and friendly interface.
- explain how to make the program to use the
  generated file

And let him work.

Believe me it would good much better results,

(Of course does not happen in reality, but this is
other story)


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