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Subject: Re: [boost] Boost statechart viewer
From: Petr Šilhavík (silhape2_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-05-18 10:48:24

Dne 18.5.2011 12:08, Andreas Huber napsal(a):
> Petr Šilhavík<silhape2<at>> writes:
>> Unfortunately we only tried to compile it under Linux
>> distribution(Ubuntu and Debian). I´m not sure if it will work with MSVC
>> 10. But there shouldn't be a problem to compile it with MSVC 10. And
>> also I don´t have enough information about LLVM and Clang compilation
>> with MSVC 10.
> Ok, clang& llvm fully support compilation under MSVC10. I was able to compile
> both without any problems. However, llvm-config does not exist. Therefore, I
> can't use Makefile and have to figure out the compilation options manually.
> Since I don't have the first clue about llvm, I'd be grateful for any pointers.
> Thanks,
Hi Andreas,

Ok. First. I tried to change the source files to be able to work with
windows kind of paths so I change the slash for backslash. I put these
changed source files to new folder src_MSVC. I hope that I changed
everything that is necessary for successful compilation.

I can send you the whole command line generated with llvm-config. But
you need to change at least -I and -L options to your paths where you
have LLVM installed.

g++ visualizer.cpp -o visualizer -g -Wall -lclangParse -lclangFrontend
-lclangSerialization \
     -lclangDriver -lclangCodeGen -lclangSema \
     -lclangAnalysis -lclangRewrite -lclangAST -lclangLex -lclangBasic \
     -I/home/petr/install/_install/include -DNDEBUG -D_GNU_SOURCE
     -D__STDC_CONSTANT_MACROS -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer -fno-exceptions
-fno-rtti -fPIC \
     -Woverloaded-virtual -Wcast-qual -L/home/petr/install/_install/lib
-lpthread -ldl -lm -lLLVMJIT \
     -lLLVMExecutionEngine -lLLVMCodeGen -lLLVMScalarOpts
-lLLVMInstCombine \
     -lLLVMTransformUtils -lLLVMipa -lLLVMAnalysis -lLLVMTarget -lLLVMMC
-lLLVMCore \

If you have any problems I will try to help you with it.


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