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Subject: Re: [boost] [test] [iostreams] 1.47.0 VC++ 10.0 warnings
From: Sylvester-Bradley, Gareth (Gareth.Sylvester-Bradley_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-07-12 05:46:37

Thanks for the quick response.

> These warnings are being emitted by VC10 because std::streamsize is now unconditionally 64-bit,
> for large file support. (Inevitably, we missed one tiny thing in VC10 so large files aren't
> supported perfectly everywhere - but it's much better than VC9 and already fixed in VC11.)

[Gareth Sylvester-Bradley]
> Out of interest would you mind providing a reference to the "one tiny thing"?
> I rely quite heavily on huge file support and have so far got away with switching off
> _all_ my VC8/VC9 workarounds for VC10!

> (internally DevDiv#90908). The offending macro was _FPOSOFF, used in basic_filebuf::seekpos()
> and fpos::operator streamoff().

OK, so when I said _all_ my workarounds, actually I've been continuing to use boost::iostreams::position_to_offset() with VC10, which probably still solves the fpos::operator streamoff() mess... and the code in (VC10) basic_filebuf::seekpos() looks like it's trying to do the same thing as position_to_offset() so perhaps isn't broken?

> I'd appreciate it if people like you who rely on large file support would test the first public release of VC11 (whenever that will be). There's no way I want to mess with this again in VC12.

Sure thing. :-)

[Gareth SB]
> Also, by any chance, has come your way yet? ;-)

> Yes, it's assigned to me (internally DevDiv#231211), as all C++ Standard Library bugs go through me.
> It looks like it might be a real bug (text mode isn't involved, the usual way people get into trouble), but
> I'm not a fluent speaker of iostreams Standardese. I'll send this to Dinkumware for analysis, once we get
> through our current batch of work.



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