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Subject: [boost] Lockfree impl comment - does not seem to be compatible with Boost::Interprocess (shared memory) [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
From: Levy, Gabriel (Contractor) (Gabriel.Levy_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-07-27 03:50:26




Since Lockfree library (by Tim Blechmann) is in the review stage I have
a comment to make.

I only looked at the code just at a glance to check if it would be able
to be used with Boost::Interprocess library, especially to be placed in
the shared memory and to me it definitely doesn't seem to deduce the
pointer types from the Allocation supplied as a template argument.


For any container implementation to be useable with Interprocess shared
memory the requirement is that any internal pointer types are not
explicitly stated - instead they aggregate the pointer types from the
Allocator's internal pointer typedefs. By this the container will use
"smart" or plain pointers, whichever the Allocators specify/define.

Good place to look at for how this should be done is
<boost/interprocess/containers/map.hpp> and other containers'
implementation in that location.

Also the Interprocess documentation explains why, for instance, the
std::map or std::vector containers are incorrectly (not generically
enough) implemented and suggests a possibility of potential future
corrections in STL implementations (that part is only speculative, of


While in its current form it is already very useful in intra-process
applications, I would consider the incompatiblity with Interprocess'
shared memory a hugely missed opportunity.


My recommendation would be to first to address this issue before
accepting it for inclusion.


Thank you all so much for the Boost - the best thing that happened to


Kindest regards



Gabe Levy
Senior Software Engineer, Contractor, Estrings Pty Ltd


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