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Subject: Re: [boost] [git] What's the IDE picture like?
From: Robert Ramey (ramey_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-03-16 16:09:28

Rene Rivera wrote:
> All this talk about switching to git brings up one important question
> for me, and I suspect others..
> Given all the various git-flow, git-this, git-that, git-whatever,
> tools that are getting mentioned.. What is the process for a user
> that wants to do their development, including version control, like?
> Specifically what does an:
> * Eclipse user do?
> * Xcode user do?
> * VIsualStudio user do?
> I ask because I'm really tired of learning yet more command lines
> tools at this stage in my life. And even though all GUI tools have
> drawbacks they do have the advantage that they condense the workflow
> usages to something understandable. And I would be really hard
> pressed to use any new version control system that I can't use a GUI.
> And preferably an integrated GUI.

I can shed some light on this as far as windows is concerned.

I'm not really all that interested in the finer points of source
control systems. I generally use the simplest functionality. Once
in a while I branch or tag but that's about it.

When boost converted to SVN I installed the client on my
system along with Tortois SVN which enhances the windows
file dialog with ability to do the svn functionality by right clicking
the file icon. Those files which are under controls of the svn
system are distinguised by an overlay on the file icon. This
turns out to work quite well and I've been very pleased with it.
SVN is a little slow and a little clunky for some infrequently
used operations but in general it does the job pretty painlessly
for this environment.

Last week, I took on a new customer who uses GIT. OK
loaded windows version on my machine along with TortiousGIT.
This results is a setup which is almost identical from a user
standpoint as the TortoiseSVN set up. The workflow is
almost identical - at least for the common operations. The
icon overlay and right click intereface is the same.

So, I've reached the point where I don't care whatever is
decided. Or, more accurately, I've been able to maintain
my position of not having to care about this. I've sure there
are differences but in my day to day work I don't really
see a lot of them. But then I make an effort to keep things
simple - maybe that's why I don't see a huge problem here.

Robert Ramey

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