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Subject: Re: [boost] A GUI Library
From: Christof Donat (cd_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-06-27 12:20:12


> Nana library is written though standard C++, this is a big difference
> between other libraries, as the brief mentioned, C++ idioms should works
> with a C++ library, and this is why the other popular GUI C++ libraries are
> not really C++ style at all.

Yes, that is the biggest weakness of Qt. Yet a GUI Libary needs many things
that are not the interface and basic handling of the objects. Since Qt is
widely used and very popular, especially for platform independent
applications, I would recommend to look there for any solutions before trying
to reinvent every wheel around.

Even when looking at the interfaces, wherever there is no conflict with
Standard C++, I think it is a good idea to make it as similar as possible to
the stuff people already know and like, and that is mostly Qt.

I can't tell if i would enjoy using nana, because I would have to have written
an application with it before I know. I mostly do enjoy working with Qt and
KDE, but I'd prefer to have them more standard C++ like. Sometimes that simply

> Secondly, this library can be work with a
> thread pool, it reduces the difficulty for threadization.

That is a very good Idea. Also I like that you use RAII to manage widget

> > 2. if you want to submit your library to Boost, I think it would need
> >to>
> > be compatible (or maybe just use) boost.thread instead of your own
> > solution
> I recognize that many ideas of my own solutions come from boost, not only
> boost.thread, there are boost.function, boost.any and so on, this is why I
> try to submit this library to boost and erase all my own solutions.

That as well is a very good aproach. Have you tried to get rid of at least one
or another of your selfmade solutions and replace it with boost solutions in
order to see how it could work?

> > 3. the STR macro is a big problem, I think it will be a big source of
> >
> > negative feedback. Now that we have boost.locale, would it be possible to
> > work with it instead?
> Somebody told me the problem before, I left the problem and searched a
> solution, I found many problem can be fixed by boost, and I rethink, can't
> keep on stealing ideas from boost. This is also why I try to submit this
> library to boost.

Do you plan to make that library available for "old" C++ as well, or just for
C++11? In the second case you could eventually resort to user defined


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