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Subject: [boost] Not Losing history (Was: [git] Boost.Build location_
From: Dave Abrahams (dave_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-12-28 09:05:27

on Thu Dec 27 2012, Artyom Beilis <> wrote:

>> From: Dave Abrahams <dave_at_[hidden]>
>>Now, storing that history takes ~233M on disk, which has some
>>implications.  As noted in
>>, it doesn't
>>make sense to reproduce that entire history in each modularized repo.
>>Therefore, when someone wants a continuous look at the past, they're
>>going to use the "git replace" command
> I'm sorry but projects way bigger and complext than boost handle entire history
> and use full code (Linux... for example)
> Sorry I don't buy it.
>>> Version control is used for software development for a good
>>> reason. Not do I find it acceptable to impose history conversion task
>>> on every individual developer.
>>Fortunately, *that* was never in the plan.  I hope the above makes that
> See, loosing the integrated svn history would make everything much harder,
> branches, checks, merges and more.

But, as noted, we are NOT losing any history. And, no, I don't believe
the plan we have in place will make anything much harder.

> I have **never** seen any serious project loosing its history duing
> SCM  transition, if you would try to do such a thing in a software
> company you would be stopped before you begin.

Thank you for educating me on how things are done in software companies ;-)

> I'm sorry but it not only HUGE surprise for any developer that had 
> ever switched SCM, it is just tastes badly.
> Please either STOP it now for find a solution before it is too late.
> Seriously IMHO, it is just irresponsible.
> Boost is not the first project moving from SVN to GIT.

This history splitting is not about which SCM we're using, it's about
the combined effects of modularization and DVCS use, and apparently
other projects, such as Qt, did exactly the same thing we are proposing
when they modularized.

Dave Abrahams
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