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Subject: Re: [boost] Is there interest in a collection of call stack utilities?
From: Marshall Clow (mclow.lists_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-03-03 12:37:05

On Mar 3, 2013, at 9:02 AM, Edward Diener <eldiener_at_[hidden]> wrote:

> On 3/3/2013 6:56 AM, Mathias Gaunard wrote:
>> On 03/03/13 10:54, Artyom Beilis wrote:
>>> Generally it is very interesting topic and very useful stuff (from my
>>> experience
>>> in deploy with CppCMS).
>> While it is interesting, I have not found it to be that useful in practice.
>> The debugger already does all of this better that you could ever do
>> yourself.
>> It is probably a better idea to integrate your app with a debugger than
>> to rewrite a debugger inside your app.
> I believe there are valid uses for displaying a backtrace at points in the code where you do not want to have to stop the debugger simply to be able to visually view the backtrace ( as a call stack ). So I would look forward to a Boost cross-platform library which allowed a programmer to output the backtrace through code.

The example of this that has been proposed in the past is to automatically log the call stack on allocations/deallocations/exceptions.

Alternately, to attach the call stack to exceptions before they were thrown (Boost.Exception set up to allow people to attach arbitrary data to an exception).

-- Marshall

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