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Subject: Re: [boost] Git Modularization Review no vote heads-up
From: Bjørn Roald (bjorn_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-05-20 17:21:21

On Mon, 2013-05-20 at 20:41 +0200, Jürgen Hunold wrote:
> HI Daniel.
> On Monday, 20. May 2013 10:48:20 Daniel Pfeifer wrote:
> > 2013/5/20 Dave Abrahams <dave_at_[hidden]>
> >
> > > on Sat May 18 2013, Vladimir Prus <> wrote:
> > > > and at least Boost.Build should have its final layout.
> > >
> > > I think maybe I disagree.
> >
> > We definetly need to make some changes to the Boost.Build layout.
> The question is, when to do them.

do them before or after conversion to git, not as part of it.

> > Currently, we direct both "tools/build" and "tools/jam" to the "build"
> > repository, then we want that repository to be a submodule in boost at the
> > location "build".
> > Hence, the directory "tools/build/v2" will appear as "tools/build/build/v2"
> > which is not the same layout as in SVN.
> Yes, this is clearly not what we want. But where does "tools/jam" come from?
> It is not in the current svn layout anymore. Seems to be some v1 relict. Can
> you investigate this?
> > We could either use "tools/build" or "tools/build/v2" the root of
> > repository "build". But we need to put the submodule at that exact location.
> > Everything that is not matched (eg. jam/, index.html), can remain in the
> > meta-repository "boost".
> We wanted "tools/build" to contain the current "tools/build/v2" of svn. I
> wonder if we should do the final move after the transition to git. Or just move
> the files _now_ and adjust the toplevel scripts before the transition.

do you have a plan for how the top level scripts can work in both the
svn and the git environments prior to transition if you change
tools/build/v2 to tools/build?

> > Which one do you prefer?
> Nevertheless +1 for "tools/build" from my side if this works smoothly.

I propose to keep tools/build/v2 until all work is transitioned to git.
Then moving content of tools/build/v2 to tools/build is simple within
build submodule repository and the corresponding boost meta repository
can have modified top level scripts.

> The main culprit is that I don't even have a "tools/build" submodule at the
> moment.

yes, why is that submodule not included in .gitmodules?

It seems to be listed as submodule of boost in
ryppl/Boost2Git/repositories.txt and there is a build repository in

I guess, for now you may add that one manually to a branch in your

git checkout -b feature/fix-broken-build
git submodule add tools/build

but it suffers from the restructure of tools/build into
tools/build/build :-(

# you could edit the submodule for your own needs - whatever they
# are, e.g:
cd tools/build
git checkout -b feature/fix-broken-build
git mv build/* .
git commit -m "only tools/build, not tools/build/build"

# then add the changed build submodule to index and commit
# the boost meta repository
cd ../..
git add tools/build
git commit -m "only tools/build, not tools/build/build"

# then later, when you get updates upstream you could rebase your
# changes on top of upstream commits from Boost2Git conversion
# with something like
git fetch
git rebase origin/master


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