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Subject: Re: [boost] Any interest in bitstream class?
From: Phil Endecott (spam_from_boost_dev_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-07-01 05:44:05

Paul Long wrote:
> ibitstream performs bit-by-bit processing.

> it will never be as efficient as
> hand-coded logic.

You should be more ambitious! Let's start with this:
(Please consider all of this code pseudo-code!)

class ibitstream {

  uint64_t buffer;
  unsigned int bits_in_buffer;

  uint32_t get_next_32() { .... }

  template <unsigned int bits>
  void require() {
    if (bits_in_buffer < bits) {
      buffer |= get_next_32() << bits_in_buffer;


  template <unsigned int bits, typename T> // bits <= 32
  void get(T& data) {
    T = buffer & ((1<<bits) - 1);
    buffer = buffer >> bits;
    bits_in_buffer -= bits;


ibitstream s(......);
int a,b,c;

This avoids the bit-by-bit processing. A problem is that require() is
being called for every get(), and that's not going to be optimised away
because, for example, get_next_32() might throw and the compiler is going
to deliver that precisely. We probably only care if all-or-none of the
get()s succeed, which we could achieve with

  template <unsigned int bits, typename T> // bits <= 32
  void unchecked_get(T& data) {
    T = buffer & ((1<<bits) - 1);
    buffer = buffer >> bits;
    bits_in_buffer -= bits;

  template <unsigned int bits1, unsigned int bits2, unsigned int bits3,
            typename T1, typename T2, typename T3>
  // bits1 + bits2 + bits3 <= 32
  void get(T1& t1, T2& t2, T3& T3) {

int a,b,c;

No doubt one could make a version of that that
(a) uses varargs templates so you can get as many fields as you want at once, and
(b) removes the requirement that the total size is <= 32, with specialisations
for the <=32 and the >32 cases.

You could then use expression templates to wrap that up in the operator>>

int a,b,c;
s >> bits<3>(a) >> bits<4>(b) >> bits<10>(c);

Or maybe:

bits<3> a; bits<4> b; bits<10> c;
s >> a >> b >> c;

I think there's a good chance that you could end up with something with
performance very close or even better than hand-written code.

Regards, Phil.

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