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Subject: [boost] Problem with boost::function on BlackBerry10
From: Jens Weller (JensWeller_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-08-20 16:38:40

Hi boost Community,

I've got a little problem with getting boost::function to run on BlackBerry10.
So far, I was able to compile, link and run successfully when I do comment out some stuff in boost.
Surely not the right way to do it, but proves to me that those lines are the problem, I'm looking for a fix, maybe a define I need to add to let this compile without changing boost headers.

In total its only 3 errors, where 2 boil down to the same macro:
/home/jweller/cpp/libraries/boost_1_54_0/boost/type_traits/detail/cv_traits_impl.hpp:25: Parenthesis/brace mismatch between #if and #else branches; using #if branch
/home/jweller/cpp/libraries/boost_1_54_0/boost/type_traits/detail/cv_traits_impl.hpp:93: Excess closing brace in C++ code (or abuse of the C++ preprocessor)
/home/jweller/cpp/libraries/boost_1_54_0/boost/type_traits/msvc/typeof.hpp:43: Ignoring definition of undeclared qualified class

These two are in cv_traits_impl.hpp in boost/type_traits/detail/, caused by this line:


This line is twice in this fiel, hence the 2 errors. qcc version is gcc 4.6.3.
It looks to me like BOOST_WORKAROUND isn't doing the right thing here to me.

The 2nd error is more strange.
/home/jweller/cpp/libraries/boost_1_54_0/boost/type_traits/msvc/typeof.hpp:43: Ignoring definition of undeclared qualified class

Somehow typeof.hpp of msvc is getting pulled in.

I've tried also the from BlackBerry provided boost version from, which shows exact the same errors. And is the one I (cruely) patched currently. Commenting out the #if !(is < 3.2) resolves the problem, but msvc is still pulled in.
Also commenting in this header the cause out lets it compile, but thats nothing then a bad workaround.
Currently I have only build for the simulator, but the problem is most likely also existing for the device build chain.

At least the first two errors might be caused by BOOST_WORKAROUND, maybe there is a value that isn't configured correctly on this platform. Also how do I get closer to the source of the msvc code being dragged in?

So, question is, is there maybe a define to help boost getting digested by the qcc toolchain?

kind regards,

Jens Weller

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