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Subject: Re: [boost] [git] [conversion] Schedule and remaining showstoppers?
From: Bjørn Roald (bjorn_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-10-15 20:29:52

On 10/15/2013 02:48 PM, Beman Dawes wrote:
> It seems to me the best time for the svn to modular git changeover is right
> after a Boost release. That will give us the maximum time window to get the
> new house in order before the subsequent release. So should we convert
> right after 1.55 ships?
> I'm well aware that there is a long list of conversion related tasks that
> we haven't completed. But the svn -> git conversion process itself is so
> complex that only Dave and Daniel can make modifications. They have done a
> staggering amount of work already and are nearing exhaustion. Once the
> conversion is done, there are many of us that understand git well enough to
> help with problems.
> For example,, "Mimic gitfow",
> is a showstopper in that what is now "master" should be "develop" and the
> true "master" (i.e. releases) branch needs to be synthesized. But while it
> would be great if the Boost2Git process could handle that, it could
> probably also be do by a post-conversion step performed by git and other
> command line tools that many of us could help with. Messy, but I'm not
> willing to take a further delay waiting for perfection.

I think this can be dealt with simply after the conversion is stopped.
But it should be among the first things done. To change the Boost2Git
conversion tool to make the boost history mimic gitflow does not really
make much sense to me. It will sort of work that way anyway as renaming
the trunk branch in git to develop is doing exactly that. It get
renamed to develop, and work continue there. Alternatively a new branch
can be created and the old trunk branch head is left behind. But such
historic references such as the last SVN based trunk commit is better
dealt with using a tag and delete the old inactive trunk branch head

> Which of the issues in
> true show
> stoppers?
> Are there any true showstoppers missing from that list?

There should be a simple way to find Git commits that originate from
specified SVN commits, the simplest way to do this may be to fix
Record SVN revision numbers somewhere in Git
The original svn2git had code to write revision numbers into the commit
messages and/or into Git notes. We have neither.

As getting the SVN commit IDs into git commits messages will be
impossible to do after the final Boost2Git conversion without later
manipulating history of all of boost repositories (bad idea), the need
for having these IDs in the commit messages need to be addressed now.

Other than that I think;
Deal with branch deletion

and maybe;
Remove redundant merge parents

are the only issues in the list that stir some concern with me. But I
am not in any way suggesting they are show stoppers.


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