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Subject: [boost] [offtopic] user-defined raw string literals
From: Adam Wulkiewicz (adam.wulkiewicz_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-01-30 11:25:49


I have some idea related to the usage of UDLs in Boost.Geometry library
but the way I'd like to handle it is AFAIK not supported.

A little introduction first. There are many text-based languages of
defining data. One of them is WKT
( which allows to define
vector data e.g. a polygon like this:

|POLYGON((30 10, 40 40, 20 40, 10 20, 30 10))|

So my thought was: why not use C++11 UDLs for this purpose? There are
operators in the WKT language so I should probably use string literal,
put WKT in it and be happy with it. The use case could look like this:

|auto ||polygon = "POLYGON((30 10,40 40,20 40,10 20,30 10))|"_wkt;

Ok so now the tricky part. It should be parsed in compile-time, the type
of the geometry retrieved from the string literal and proper type
returned (bg::polygon<> in this case).
Unfortunately string literals can't be handled as raw literals, e.g.
using the variadic-template version of operator"":

template <char...>
void operator "" ()

Why? Is there a reason for this?
If we had the ability to use the compile-time version with string
literals it would be possible to implement various compile-time parsers,
not only for the mentioned WKT.

So what do you think about it?


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