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Subject: [boost] Getting fully uptodate
From: Paul A. Bristow (pbristow_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-03-29 13:23:18


SHA-1: 44d48257a7eb39837880afb81ceb2153e86e5a8c

* Changed Boost.Log to Boost.Sync in the supported compilers section. Fixes

Current HEAD detached, you are working on (no branch).

Do you want to create branch now?

Chose "no"

[detached HEAD 3a9d142] deletions
 37 files changed, 4971 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100644
 delete mode 100644 include/boost/sync/condition_variables/cv_status.hpp
 delete mode 100644
 delete mode 100644
 delete mode 100644
 delete mode 100644
 delete mode 100644 include/boost/sync/detail/config.hpp
 delete mode 100644 include/boost/sync/detail/footer.hpp
 delete mode 100644 include/boost/sync/detail/header.hpp
 delete mode 100644 include/boost/sync/detail/interlocked.hpp
 delete mode 100644 include/boost/sync/detail/link_config.hpp
 delete mode 100644 include/boost/sync/detail/mutexes/basic_mutex_windows.hpp
 delete mode 100644 include/boost/sync/detail/mutexes/mutex_posix.hpp
 delete mode 100644 include/boost/sync/detail/mutexes/mutex_windows.hpp
 delete mode 100644 include/boost/sync/detail/pthread.hpp
 delete mode 100644 include/boost/sync/detail/system_error.hpp
 delete mode 100644 include/boost/sync/detail/throw_exception.hpp
 delete mode 100644 include/boost/sync/detail/time_traits.hpp
 delete mode 100644 include/boost/sync/detail/time_units.hpp
 delete mode 100644 include/boost/sync/detail/tss.hpp
 delete mode 100644 include/boost/sync/detail/waitable_timer.hpp
 delete mode 100644 include/boost/sync/detail/weak_linkage.hpp
 delete mode 100644 include/boost/sync/exceptions/lock_error.hpp
 delete mode 100644 include/boost/sync/exceptions/resource_error.hpp
 delete mode 100644 include/boost/sync/exceptions/runtime_exception.hpp
 delete mode 100644 include/boost/sync/exceptions/wait_error.hpp
 delete mode 100644 include/boost/sync/locks/lock_guard.hpp
 delete mode 100644 include/boost/sync/locks/lock_guard_fwd.hpp
 delete mode 100644 include/boost/sync/locks/lock_options.hpp
 delete mode 100644 include/boost/sync/locks/shared_lock.hpp
 delete mode 100644 include/boost/sync/locks/shared_lock_fwd.hpp
 delete mode 100644 include/boost/sync/locks/unique_lock.hpp
 delete mode 100644 include/boost/sync/locks/unique_lock_fwd.hpp
 delete mode 100644 include/boost/sync/locks/upgrade_lock.hpp
 delete mode 100644 include/boost/sync/locks/upgrade_lock_fwd.hpp
 delete mode 100644 include/boost/sync/mutexes/mutex.hpp
 delete mode 100644

Success (78 ms @ 29-Mar-14 15:49:53)

All appears OK,

I:\modular-boost\libs\sync>git status
HEAD detached from 44d4825
nothing to commit, working directory clean

but the Tortoise GIT folder icon for /libs/sync is still red

(Red ! icon means "modified"?)

so I have committed to develop

and it is still red :-(

Fumbling, I have tried a

git.exe submodule update --init -- "libs/sync"

No submodule mapping found in .gitmodules for path 'libs/sync'

git did not exit cleanly (exit code 1) (875 ms @ 29-Mar-14 17:09:10)

Suggestions as to what I am misunderstanding/doing wrong to get develop branch
to a fully uptodate state?


PS I have a similar problem with /tools/regression/build where there appear to
be no modifications and nothing to revert, but the build folder icon is red,
leaving me uneasy that a red face will follow ;-)

I've added the build vcide folder items and committed and finally the icon is

This doesn't feel something that I should have to do in order to get uptodate...
so I must be missing something.

It would be quicker to clone from scratch!

Paul A. Bristow
Prizet Farmhouse
Kendal UK LA8 8AB
+44 01539 561830 07714330204

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